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I must admit with failing STI engines & now another wee horror story i'm beginning to wonder where Subaru are heading with there new cars,

I've heard a lot of bad reports from people who have had dealings with Subaru UK in recent times,

I'm certainly not hearing anything that would convince me to buy a new Subaru anytime soon.

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Sounds horrific, as above you haven't had what you actually leased so get on the lease company's back! Or, wait a minute, did Andy not say they've gone bust? Sticky position you're in bud. How long has lease to go?

I know it's no laughing matter but on a lighter note, I'm dreading Andy in a real WRX let alone an STi!!!!

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Surley this contract you have with the hire company must be nil and void and worth nothing as the car is basically a fraud and not what you have contracted to hire.

Therfore i would say hand the cars back early with no penalties on you and then seek compo for the monies you have handed over for hire costs so far against a false spec car.

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Get along to Citizens Advice with your lease contracts. It sounds to me that you've been given a product that wasn't what you asked for and is therefore not fit for purpose.

Fit for purpose is a grey area, he asked for a car and got a car yes but do the parts that were supposed to be upgraded make the car dangerous or just not what you've paid for? The fraud lies in the car spec. I would be gaining gearbox spec serial numbers, diff numbers shaft etc and build yourself a case. Whoever now owns leasing rights to the car needs to be contacted and notified of these problems, even if they are willing to do nowt. Just to have it recorded for case.

At this point of time I would see this car as being "modified" and should be very cautious with your insurance as well. Just because Subaru rebuilt it doesnt mean its standard spec. To an insurance company, the specified parts for a WRX are'nt in your car therefore the lesser parts in place make it higher risk which I'm sure your insurance would like to know about.

My personal advice is go all out and make a huge stink about this. Most people will say it, but never follow through. Threaten media action. No car company, especially now needs a "quality control" scare over their brand ESPECIALLY one which may prove so damaging.

Good luck guys.

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