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  1. I just spotted Scoobywho in a 555STi the other day, will need to pass on all the forum's best wishes next time I see him 👍.
  2. Spotted Scott with his tidy looking 555STi 😍. Thought he'd been lost to the darkside of Audi RS's, but must still have a soft spot for the subaru.
  3. Just for comparison's sake, here's the printout I got from John at ProGrip.
  4. Dunno about that tbh. Have you seen the numbers for the next Midlands meet? 23!!!!! That's good going from Tony & co .
  5. The difference should be night & day there Dave, nice one .
  6. Welcome along Dave. Try using tinypic.com if photobucket isn't working for you. It's ok for uploading the occasional pic, but not a bucket load .
  7. Hi Tiny LOL ,It's the sidc track day up at Knockhill on the 29th. Looking forward to it, as its been a couple of years since I've been on track up there, whether it be bike or scoob . Crap news about your T25 mate . I'll PayPal you a few shillings if it helps the rebuild fund LOL.
  8. That's good numbers Tony . It's v.slow up this way to put it mildly. Lots of different factions, the closing down of this site and cars still in winter hibernation hasn't helped. Looking forward to the 1st track day of the year next month though. Keep up the good work mate.
  9. Looking great Arch . Great thread, which makes us all appreciate the amount of time, money & effort required to compete & run one of these cars for sprints/hillclimbs. Hope to see/hear it roar back to life again soon.....nice work!!
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