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  • SIDC are a club for ALL Subaru enthusiasts. SIDC attend the major events, organise local meets across the UK and have involvement in a number of motorsport events including our very own series of private track days throughout the year. 

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  • About SIDC

    Subarus, particularly the Impreza, are an embodiment of the spirit of motoring which has gained momentum over the years to become a way of life for many.

    The Subaru International Drivers’ Club (formerly Subaru Impreza Drivers’ Club [SIDC]) was formed in the spring of 1997 and became a web based club in 2001. The principal of the club was to create a group of like minded individuals who enjoy driving their Imprezas and a forum to distribute information to owners of Imprezas within the UK.

    The club was established as a free service with only small revenue generated by the sale of SIDC merchandise & banner advertising to pay for web space and other minor expenses. Now, with over 500 paid members and 20,000 registered forum users, an award-winning quarterly magazine, monthly meets throughout the UK and involvement in a number of motorsport events (not to mention a series of private track days throughout the year), the SIDC has grown significantly over the years.

    Alongside this growth, Subaru’s own activities have expanded, as has the model range -including a change in naming convention for the STi models (which has traditionally been the model of choice for members). With this in mind, and as a reflection of our growing international popularity, the decision was taken by the club’s Committee to rebrand, replacing ‘Impreza’ in our name to a more encompassing ‘International’, becoming the Subaru International Drivers’ Club.

  • The aims of the club are:

    • to create a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences of Subaru vehicles;
    • to improve the buying power of individual SIDC members;
    • to ensure that Subaru servicing and vehicle maintenance standards continually improve;
    • to encourage the development and manufacture of after sales products by the establishment of a market for Subaru Impreza parts and accessories; and
    • to organise social events for Subaru owners and their families and to encourage the improvement of members’ driving abilities.
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  • The SIDC is affiliated with the Motor Sport Association which will allow us to organise 12 car rallies and hold track days at some of the more famous circuits

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