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  1. Ok so what old timers still dabble on the site?
  2. Runs like a dream. The mapper is one of the best around my area. Very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time checking car over before we started and then made sure I was happy with what they did.
  3. Hello from a long list member from the past. i still have a scoob
  4. Since it has been a long time since there was a Scooby dinner at the Kwang Tung in Paisley I thought it would be good to set one up. Date is 5th December and time is 19:30 and of course the venue is the Kwang Tung in Paisley. If interested then please let me know Chris
  5. Try Matt baker at mb developments as he is a breaker and will no doubt have one in stock. I got one off it and have it a good coat of waxoyl.
  6. Nurburgring is the best I have driven. It's scary but is honestly worth the thrill.
  7. That is unfortunately how things are these days. At kames which is an open test day last Sunday we had 20 subarus
  8. There are a few spaces left for 27th September if you fancy kames
  9. Keep an eye out on the East Ayrshire car club website for test days. There is a few Scooby clubs that all go at the same time. It's a small track but a good day out
  10. I even picked up a new backbox which will hopefully get fitted tomorrow if it's dry and will get bedded in at kames on Sunday
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