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  1. And I bought a solar trickle charger and the cable that plugs into the OBD port and a new battery and came to start the bugeye after it stood for a couple weeks and it fired up no problem ?so let's hope that solves the issue once started I let it idle with headlights on and foglights just to kick the alternator into life as its Bank Holiday next weekend I'll take the old girl for a run over my folks
  2. Quick update on the exhaust project I ordered the afterburner typhoon and fitted it with the reducer and a brand new gasket and it fits perfectly and sounds amazing a lovely burble on tickover and I can't wait to go for a run out in the bugeye and see what it's like next on the project list is a prodrive front bumper and grille so thanks again MR DON ?
  3. Hi Dennis I fitted a pioneer AVIC-F960BT it's got a touch screen and Bluetooth plus built-in navigation it's a cracking bit of kit replaced the standard stereo in my 2008 wrx hatchback and it's loads better hope this helps and you need to post a picture of your new pride and joy ?
  4. Thanks MR DON not sure about it having the bung just I had a ninja on my classic and it was perfect but I noticed that scoobyworld told me they have replaced the ninja with the afterburner typhoon ?which comes with a removable bung just wondering if it sounds the same haven't managed to find any YouTube videos on the typhoon yet to see what it sounds like
  5. Right so I now know how to fit the reducer thanks MR DON my next question is I've found a newage ninja backbox on ebay off a 2004 newage impreza now I'm wondering if its compatible with the scoobworld centre section on my bugeye now I'm sure haywood and Scott produced the ninja for scoobyworld so am I right in assuming it will fit any information much appreciated ?
  6. Lol told you I was being thick ?? thanks Don ill get it sorted this weekend ??
  7. Thanks for the info mr Don but could I not use the reducer that came with the backbox just put the 3inch end into the centre section and then bolt the 2.5inch backbox the the flange as per pic or am I being a bit thick ?
  8. Thanks Mr Don but I need it the other way round 3inch centre section to a 2.5inch backbox I'm guessing that's why I'm struggling to find one ?
  9. I'm after a 3inch to 2.5inch exhaust flange adaptor can't seem to find one anywhere has anyone got any ideas where I can get one many thanks in advance ?
  10. That's brilliant cheers MR DON ?
  11. That's brilliant info thanks Mark don't suppose you know the make of the solar charger do you ?
  12. hi all just a quick question i only use my bugeye wrx at weekends and came to start it last Saturday and battery was dead so i purchased a new battery and got home Friday night and tried to start it again and battery was dead only just turning the engine over i have read a few threads on the tinterweb saying that imprezas are fitted with smart alternators so they only charge if something is turned on sidelights, blower fan, etc so is this true or not i cant trickle charge the battery as its parked outside my girlfriends house and no where to run the extension lead for a trickle charger and anyone know if the solar trickle chargers work or not, any help much appreciated as its doing my head in lol
  13. yes there the ones Mr don thanks for the info much appreciated ill get them ordered ????
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