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  1. Missing our get togethers Hope you are all keeping safe and well and enjoyed Christmas Best Wishes everyone for a safe and Happy New Year ?
  2. Hope everyone had a good Christmas Happy New Year to all! ✨ Looking forward to getting together again at this years events
  3. Just a suggestion to those attending. By following the thread for IOW Scoobfest 2019 you will get notifications of any updates and new posts.
  4. Welcome Lockheed. Good to see you on SIDC! ? Enjoyed chatting at Goodwood and Prodrive. Be great if you joined us for Simply Japanese at Beaulieu.
  5. kxtsti

    Supercar Fest

    Ticket purchased. Looking forward to this ?
  6. Welcome! I enjoyed the read. Cool Forester Would love to see more pics!
  7. kxtsti

    Rally Day 2017

    Tickets ordered and paid
  8. Count me in please plus 3. Thanks.
  9. Hi going to Richard Burns Memorial on Sunday 16th Aug. At Colin McRae Gathering Handover finale of funds presented to Jimmy McRae last Sunday. Last saw you & Simon at Colin McRae Gathering Prodrive 31st Aug 2008 in my red XT PPP. Hope to meet up this Sun. Kxtsti
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