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  1. Yes a great Christmas and a new year..... to everyone........ Hopefully a better 2021 ????? All the best Leon?
  2. Very nice love the roof scoop? and welcome .......
  3. Hi and welcome... yes there is a load of information on here aswell as a few very knowledgeable members?.. Ezz
  4. ?......... or just some nice subaru porn?
  5. Nice car buddy... and yes welcome...?
  6. Yes let's do it..... were we thinking???????
  7. Hi and welcome. Yes not a good year this year!!! so hopefully all good for next? Try and fit in 2 years into one so plenty do......
  8. Yes I think we do.... be good to catch up with everyone it's been a wile. let's get something sorted I could do with a blow out!!?? I'm up for it........... anyone else!? Lemmiton spar sounds good mr tony... same again
  9. Welcome.. nice looking STI you have there? Hopefully when all this crazy stuff chills out we can all have a long awaited catch up ?
  10. Welcome.... yes hopefully not long now?
  11. I'm just about to put some on my transit custom??
  12. Lovely looking classic ?
  13. Well yes I've been informed a few times!? as i might go back to the standard vent when I finally get it re sprayed, as I've noticed when I'm doing top speed it starts vibrating about a bit to much!!!? As for the next night out tony I'm well up for it ile not go AWOL this time!!!..... were you thinking??? Over your neck of the woods??? or somewhere completely different I'm in let's keep this posted...... always a pleasure?
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