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  1. Hi t5nyw, have ticket and club pass for rallyday see you there.

    1. t5nyw


      Okay what time you arriving

    2. conrod


      Hi Tony, around 8ish

  2. Can anyone help,need to renew my membership but having trouble doing so. some pointers in the right direction would help.
  3. Good to see you found someone that you can trust to do the work.I have subaru4you in newbury berkshire . If i need help len is the man to go to.
  4. Cam belt kits to fit newage wrx and sti. cambelt,bearings,tenshioner and waterpump. all brand new £180.00 each inc postage.
  5. Thanks Don maybe I can trace the problem through the wiring.
  6. Yes I cleaned the valve and throttle body aswell. is their a wireing diagram of this part of the system so I can trace back from the icv.
  7. Thanks for coming back to me on this, maindealer said they checked, cleaned everything they could think of even swapped the ecu over just in case something had been maped in. Dealer seamed to think its something between ecu and icv .maybe another sensor ??? do you think it might be the speed sensor that's on the gearbox???
  8. My 2005 gx wagon seems to rev high when you come to stop at a junction or if you travel along at normal speed [any speed] and dip clutch it will rise to 2000 revs and hold there until you change down again. I have taken the car to a dealer to put on their machine and cannot find anything.any help on this would be grateful.
  9. Hi Tony, is there a passanger ride going for rallyday ?

    1. t5nyw


      Sorry I have promised one to Joe and one to STimulation.

      so if either pull out or i get another session then yes.


  10. Thanks Tony for the passenger ride at jdm, good to go out on track with someone who knows how to drive.

    Thanks again.

    1. t5nyw


      glad you enjoyed it. A bugger we didnt get the first session on video. That was awesome fun 

  11. I've also used millers for years for engine,gearbox and diff
  12. Hi joff, that's very kind of you to help Floz like that.Its times like this that its good as a club to stick together and help others where we can. well done

    1. scoobyjoff


      Hi bud thanks for your message Well hes been good to me over the years so its not a problem hes a good mate and a cracking chairman so if i can help in anyway its no problem lets hope things come good for him and all involved its right what he says tho life can change and go wrong in a instant 

  13. Hi Floz, sorry but I've only just read what happened on sunday.Hope your ok,if I can help in any way please let me know.

  14. Hi Floz, sorry but looks like I missed the deadline to purchase ticket for jdm combe.


    1. ScoobieFloz


      You can have mine as it looks like I wont make it.

    2. conrod


      If your sure that would be great.

      please let me pay you for it, send me your bank details.

    3. ScoobieFloz


      We can sort it when the ticket arrives. ?

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