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  1. Hi t5nyw, have ticket and club pass for rallyday see you there.

  2. Thanks Don shame we won’t get either this or the hybrid STi tony
  3. JAPFEST 2021 Silverstone https://www.facebook.com/563694631/posts/10158430393799632/?d=n tony
  4. Welcome to the Club Gary. ? not so many Svx’s on here but maybe able to help issues pointers tony
  5. Welcome back to the club ? that P1 sound might rapid ? not many old school left perhaps to busy modding our Zimmer Frames tony
  6. That’s better ? lookig good ? tony
  7. Not sure how many got tickets. like every other event no or postponed. Then tickets available then fully sold out https://oultonpark.msv.com/OP-21-Tunerfest
  8. Getting near finishing line now ?
  9. Have you got it earthed property also try it without the aerial in. some subarus have powered aerials already. The unit may also be trying to power aerial. also try without earth on handbrake cable. I did have a Subaru din adapter that differed connection to speakers. Test the colours match/go to right places think it swapped one or two. tony
  10. Check for cracks or leaks on boost pipes also common atmospheric dump valves leak. Clean or new seals.
  11. If you put a private plate on then remove. Car goes back to the original plate. tony
  12. Not sure if we had that version in the UK. Is it 1.8/2.0 non turbo 4speed. Don is the man on specifications Tony
  13. Sorry REG doesn’t ring a bell. sometimes because may have been on private plates tony
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