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  1. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202112010108740?model=WRX STI&maximum-badge-engine-size=2.0&include-delivery-option=on&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&make=Subaru&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1500&year-to=2022&sort=relevance&postcode=ba134hs&page=1 looks like a badged up WRX to me either way its nice but over priced id a wrx...
  2. So ramair panel filter, new bosch fuel filter and Fuji racing fuel pump 340LPH fitted at weekend... Drove to work monday and car awful over 5k..surging holding back and running awful. limped it homeoff boost. Took another car to work tuesday and then swapped standard pump back in and all dandy again. Pump is no good. So here ends the modification of the wagon. Got the RX7 and Mx5 Turbo if i want to drive a proper fast car. ill leave my Daily Wagon alone i see it as an omen. 😊 yeah just unlucky but peeved me off. ICP are telling me they have to test pump b4 refund...how about testing pump b4 you send it out? oh well she got a new fuel filter and air filter.
  3. another year another mot...WOOHOO passed straight through. 1 advisory for a repaired chip in windscreen. 6 years at standard power... gonna treat her to a remap at 21 yrs old and 92k. uppipe done. ordered panel filter and a fuji 340 lph pump and fuel filter. Then of to see Bob Rawle. Exhaust still has the 2 cats and the exhaust is staying put just a tickle so weve got 260ish. My previous scoob i went mad and im not going down that rabbit hole. i was looking for an sti wagon...but the prices are silly imo atmo.
  4. Still got it lol. Sorn it for a month to tackle rear arch rust. Done myself looks ok from 10 paces. Stripped out all the rear boit plastics to inspect the turrets. Drivers dandy passenger side turrett ok but a rust patch on floor into turret. So treated with metal morphises and sealed up with primer and paint. Struts out and again good clean up off any flakey paint rust treatment then generous application of waxoyl and stone chip. Moved onto rear arms and subframes and much the same treatment. Taxed it this morning and took my ol friend out for a run to screwfix. What a great car. I missed it driving it so much. Im looking for v7 sti wagon import to replace must be less than 90k. I missed 1 recently to slow to act.
  5. just popping in now on 92k!! still a daily . bit the bullet and fitted a jdm sourced horseshoe freshly powder coated and got some wagon front struts and x2 new tyres and all is well in the bugeye world. Shes still not pretty more paint has fallen off front bumper now showing silver underneath lol...But recently went straight through mot no issues. so happy camper. makes me laugh all these journos going mad about the yaris gr4...my £1500 scooby been putting a smile on my face for 5 years lol.
  6. ok mate, understand you want to avoid subaru. mine were replace last year as part of recall, they tried to rip me off for new hubs and wheel bearings, messed up the alignment and stabbed a cv gaiter. Guess i was lucky they replaced mine.
  7. him mate, was this inspected by subaru and arms passed? or are these replacement arms that have rusted? Personally after having an arm on my wrx wagon 03 snap on me at thank god low speed id be speaking to Subaru UK. There is still an active recall on these arms so Subaru if passed ok where wrong....any mot inspection will fail them as dangerous to drive. Id be speaking to Subaru mate asap and i wouldnt drive it...sharp jolt in a pot hole and it will snap.
  8. there is a build thread on a forum but dont know which club and contact previous owner wont be a problem id imagine. Ive searched for the build thread but no joy. Both prev and current owner mature like myself. Price is looking at £4500. which whilst not an sti it is extremely well specced and everything is documented and low miles backed up by mot history. only fault i found was some oiling on rear diff drive shaft so looks like an shaft to pop out and oil seal to replace. Does not looked to have ever been on track. Id sort off set my heart on an sti classic wagon after between the wife and i owning 3 wrxs but its highly spec'd and been very well maintained. I could see no rust. its in far better body underneath condition than my bugeye wrx wagon.
  9. I viewed this car yesterday and very keen, everything checks out cambelt clutch lots of good mods. Im going back for test drive tomoz once insurance sorted. present owner only had for short time. but previous owner 11years... what ya reckon anybody know it? Im selling my kitcar track car and looking to replace it with this... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-Impreza-WRX-Wagon-74k-1-Owner-11-years-341-BHP-336-lb-ft-OFFERS-WELCOMED/273947392488?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  10. got lucky, found a cat and sti back box reasonably local unused, been in a shed for 15 years...and got a sti resonated centre pipe again removed for PPP all in virtually new condition...had a abit of fun as cat pipe 3 " longer that should have been so cut and welded, all new gaskets and dome gasket car is leak free and standard sounding...stealth mode restored...tomoz im gonna dig original front struts outta shed and compare to 1s fitted.
  11. Nice 1 thanks...the car has saloon front struts onit..fitted by me about 2years ago...no wear on old tyres....but explains the camber issue...mmmm what todo...i do have old struts with broken springs...think ill swap struts and springs...or the eibach camber bolts on these struts...googling session on them. Big thankyou
  12. yes mate 4 wheel alignment was done just after. they said at time they cant get anymore negative camber...i thought maybe they couldnt be bothered so i took wheels off to check and its wound round to max, going the other way puts it into positive almost instantly...somethings wrong....Dealer didnt track it steering pulled to left badly and steering wheel not centered...wish theyd never touched it. Ive since had another look and pushed the hub back into strut whilst nipping up and got a tiny bit off negative as best i could get was neutral which has caused the tyre wear. now ive since read that a 2002 wrx wagon is narrow track and a saloon is wide but...is this different control arms or subframe ive no idea...if i got sti alloy arms is this gonna give me an arch problem...
  13. im after a bit of help, im wearing the front outer edge of the tyres.....and this is after the Subaru front arm recall... Complete nightmare from start to finish the dealer whined about corrosion and wanted me to authorise payment for new bearing and hubs when changing arms....nope.... When i got car back discovered tracking well out and steering wheel off centre and cv gaiter stabbed... But after getting alignment done ive noticed wear on outer shoulder so looking at wheels there no negative camber at all...so i thought id add some camber at the adjuster bolt and re track but found already on max... Have they fitted the wrong arms....i rang another dealers and they were supposed to ring back...never did... Am i right in thinking there are 2 arms regular and wide..... the kit fitted to mine is ARM KIT REGULAR FE000RH-010LH im thinking being a wrx it should have wide arms and this would sort the camber...ive googled n googled and no that the saloon should be wide but not sure on the wagon wrx....anybody help atall!!! If i can prove there wrong they can sort out and replace my tyres...as pre failure no tyre wear issues atall.
  14. Just popping in for mooch about, car still fine, no issues...gets me to work and back in style.
  15. Defo after a standard exhaust....somebody must have 1 in a shed...all my flanges are rotten aint gonna make it through the next mot... side note scooby awesome in the recent snow...
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