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  1. Hi Tony, thanks for that. I bought the car the way it stands now, however I spoke with the previous owner today again and asked if there was any signs of something wrong. He said that when he was letting the clutch out it would judder. I spoke with the guys at scoobyclinic today and they think that the clutch release bearing and the friction plate could be at fault. I'm hoping thats the problem. Fingers crossed. I'm going to take off the gearbox at the weekend and have a look. I had a look at the model number and it's Gc8c48d and the transmission type is Ty752vb4aa. I'm not sure if the gearbox has been changed before or not though. Will check the code on the box at the weekend. Thanks again for taking the time to explain things to me again, much appreciated Stuart
  2. Its starts fine with the clutch down, I'm sure it's stuck in first, when I release the clutch it makes the sort of noise like it's not properly in gear, it was the same when I got towed back with the clutch pressed, moment I stopped the car the noise went away. I haven't removed the gearstick yet, I can't move the gearstick at all. It's just solid if you know what I mean. I'm not sure which route to go down to be honest, do I try and find another STI 5 speed box or go down the 6speed route. Thanks
  3. Thank you very much mate. I had a look on the tag on the suspension strut and got the gearbox code. I will get the old box off just incase that has been changed at some point in its life. I had a quick look on eBay for a gearbox with the code on the tag and only one came up for £700. Would that price be reasonable or not. Engine wise I have receipts for the STI 8 engine and what was done at that point, but nothing else. Really appreciate you taking the time to explain to me mate.
  4. Thanks guys, it needs a new boot lid rear light and bumper. The rear panel needs pulled out slightly. I've got a load of receipts with it and it says that the engine was changed for a STI 8 short motor engine. Could someone explain the difference between this engine and the original engine for me please. Also I've noticed that there are quite a few gearbox options for the Impreza. Will all the gearboxes fit that particular engine or not? This is all new to me as I've been mostly a Ford man all my days. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi there, new to the club so though I would introduce myself. Im Stuart, currently living in South Wales. Picked up my first ever Subaru Impreza STI yesterday. Sadly I can't drive it at the moment as the gearbox seems to be stuck on gear and she has had a little bump at the back of her. On the plus side she has been well looked after and currently has arround 330bhp so I've been told. Will be going on a Dyno once fixed though. New to the Subaru's so I will probably be asking a load of questions. Thanks guys.
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