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  1. Never been pulled at all, maybe you're not quick enough Barry - roll on upgrade time!
  2. That's not really true Mark - there are other ways of setting up suspension that don't involve machines with printers
  3. Welcome along, pics and what are you running?
  4. I took my tax disc off my car, still started. And moved. Strange that
  5. To get the settings at the wheels right the top mounts may well end up in different positions. This could be due to many things, damage, bent components, poor quality parts or any combination of - if the set up was done by a reputable company and you feel it works well I'd not be overly concerned
  6. Time Capsule 530ish, followed me out - decided not to whup you in ma Fozzy
  7. Gordon, are you trying to imply that Chris bears even the slightest resemblance to Nicole Kidman?
  8. H&S stuff is ok and order online Kenny.... or you could get a custom pipe at many of the fabricators
  9. Thanks guys, just trying to document the progress. Or lack of!
  10. The next few nights were spent assembling things to get the engine started again. Filling diff, gearbox, engine fluids, adjust alternator wiring, tweak all breather hoses - shortened and re routed, connect everything up and started up Next up is the wiring Had the cray idea to tidy this up a bit removing unwanted extra stuff, all I will say is this was a bad mistake, very time consuming and absolutely not worth the effort I did eventually complete it but would later find I had lost some things that were needed - proving that it was a waste of bloody time - ecu was eventually located in centre of dash
  11. With the Highland Fling looming it was every night at this stage... Fitted some more bits back to drivetrain, exhaust sleeve came so mocked that up on the car and then removed it for welding. The bell mouth section of the downpipe is some strange cocktail of metals, it did weld up but not very nicely. Thank goodness for exhaust wrap Fitted it back to the car and of course it could have been a little bit longer to clear the cradle better
  12. Waiting for exhaust sleeve I had a rest from the mechanical bits and moved on to getting the boot floor finished off More paint on to protect the cuts and then the panel was trimmed to suit, drilled and riveted in. After that some seam sealer was brushed onto the underside to keep out the water Poor pics sorry As you can see the panel was a special order - directional as well A few additional lightweight braces fitted to support the rear edge and the exhaust hanger bracket
  13. As with all modding, well most modding, nothing is straight forward Finally got a hold of my gearbox cradle with some SIDC Member relay work (you know who you are ) Some pics so you understand... Fitting it wasn't so straight forward as the holes didn't all quite line up, some minor adjustments, levering, sweating and cursing finally saw it into place - looking good, rigid, and light Normal six speed cradle in place And SDM cradle Happy with that it was back on with the downpipe. Or not Cradle didn't like my aftermarket downpipe No way back now so a quick chop and ordered a sleeve.....
  14. Righty - on with the story.... Engine and gearbox went back in. Was still awaiting my SD Motorsport gearbox cradle so got the lump back in and used my old cradle to support for now. Back in, I set to connecting everything up. Part of the mods was to simplify the clutch pipework Unfortunately I then couldn't get the clutch to bleed up - tried a few things then in the end removed the slave cylinder from the gearbox, held it above the master cylinder, opened the bleed nipple, pushed the rod in gently, closed the nipple and perfect pedal The clutch isn't heavy which is good for traffic, my pedal is still assisted with over centre helper spring.
  15. Should only have a little preload Alun unless the spring is nae use
  16. Glad to help John - nice to see a happy chappy No pics of the footwells in place? Laughed at the narratives on your pics
  17. Was handbrake on? Do you have it on sandwich plate at filter - mine is fitted there and I wasn't getting over 100c, perhaps you guys are THAT fast What oil do you use?
  18. A quick look around says 125c and it's time to cool down, 140 being an upper limit on distinguished marques - if you get up to 200c best get the tatties peeled It also makes a difference where your temp probe is situated
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