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  1. I agree with Kenny. I had a brand new blobeye WRX back in 05 which I swore i wasn't going to modify in any way. I then started to go on SIDC runs etc and ended up putting a PPP on it before selling it. I was scoobyless for a while and then bought a bugeye WRX which had some sensible mods already on (around 270 BHP) with the intention of modding it for a fast road / track car. I put handling, braking, performance and interior mods on it (in that order!!) and ended up with a very usable 330+bhp. I was then thinking of the next stage of uprgades - APs, better suspension (than the TEINs that were fitted), bigger turbo etc, etc, etc... I wasn't using the car as much as I had been and decided that it was good enough as it was. I haven't done anything else to it for a couple of years now except keep it well maintained and serviced. It still puts a smile on my face (and a surprised look on BMW / Audi drivers!!) every time I get in it. I think you just need to work out how far you're going to go. Hmmm........maybe just another couple of BHP would be nice
  2. Here's a Royal Navy one for then................... When I was younger I was loan drafted to the Royal Yacht where one of my primary roles was Cerimonial Umberlla Party (no joke!!) which involved me waiting at the end of the gangway in full No 1 uniform in the pissing rain (sometimes for up to a hour) with a closed umberella just so I could open it when VIP arrived by car to board the ship. Add that to polishing brass in the rain, sweeping puddles in the rain and sweeping the jetty clear of dust and sand IN BAHRAIN - happy days!
  3. I'm sure it was the same car, still had the morettes and SW Motorsport graphics on it. Sounded awesome as it pulled away from the traffic lights. I remember higgy giving it a work out at the highland fling a few years ago..... What a car!!
  4. Anyone remember Higgy's old black Bugeye monster?? It still sounds awesome. I'm sure I seen it in Helensburgh this morning when I was out walking my dog. Did he sell it to someone through here 'cause it wasn't him driving.
  5. I know I'm stating the obvious but check the fluid level in your wee header tank, mine was losing fluid very slowly due to a pin hole in the braided hoses, replaced them and filled up the tank and the light has stayed of since. Quick and easy fix (if you haven't checked this already).
  6. This is the most entertaining thread thats been on here for a while.... Baz, I'm up for it, I've PMd you on SCOTTISHSCOOBIES.NET Seriously though, it's JUST a car, just get out there and drive it (even if it's slowly like me!! )
  7. My wife uses the Kwikfit in Helensburgh all the time - they're the same, dead helpfull and definately not a rip off (not in out experience over a couple of years anyway)
  8. I've got an AFP 16G with supporting mods on my 01 WRX (let me know if you want a full list of the supporting modes) and mine is 335 bhp/325 Lbft. I have been running around on standard internals for about 18 months with no issues so far.
  9. Nice to see you back on the road again - I was up at the Inlaws at the weekend and seen your new car on the drive.
  10. Gus, I've been going throught he same........recently started a new job (still in the Navy) but not using the car a fraction of how much as I used to, partly due to fuel costs, partly due to getting the time. I was considering selling mine until I thought about the time and money I've spent on it and the laughs I've had driving it and decided to keep it and just drive it when it when I can.
  11. There's Scottish Subarus at 223 Dunbarton Road, Old Kilpatrick, G60 5ND. (Just over the Erskine Bridge past the airport). Give him a bell on 07791 988191.
  12. I only have some of the OEM bits left so putting it back to original spec isn't really an option. There's a guy at my work who is interested in it for a track car....so he might be getting a bargain!!
  13. I am selling my second and most cherished scooby to make way for my third project but have no idea what it's worth......... Handling TEIN Superstreet coilovers Hypertech fast road geometry Whiteline steering rack bushes Whiteline drop links rear Whiteline anti roll bar rear Whiteline front strut brace Whiteline anti lift kit Brakes Tarox Sport Japan discs (Front) Mintex xtreme pads (Front) Mintex 5.1 fluid Goodridge hoses Reconditioned callipers all round Performance Uprated fuel pump (Walbro 255) Panel filter NGKPFR7B's Full Hayward & Scott decat exhaust system Decat STi uppipe (heatwrapped) HKS SSQV ECUTEK remap by Andy Forrest TD05-16G turbo from Andy Forrest 550cc pink injectors STi intercooler, pipes and Y piece STi undertray STi intercooler spray Styling HKS turbo timer DEFI 60mm gauges and carbon fibre centre pod (oil pressure, oil temp and boost pressure) Front upper and lower mesh kit Headlight eyebrows Crystal smoked front set STi 8 rear spoiler STi 8 Bonnet scoop STi radiator cap (1.3 bar) Prodrive oil cap Subaru window graphics Prodrive spoiler graphics Innovite tarmac two alloys Mudflaps 335 BHP / 325 Lbft with dyno printout. Car is a '01 Bugeye WRX with 92K and a full service history with all work being done by either Dunc at Hypertech or Stevie at SW Motorsport. Receipts for around £4K of work. I know it's a buyers market at the moment so am thinking around £3,500 - too high or a good buy - opinions please......
  14. Thanks very much folks.........just starting to sober up now!!
  15. Should the biker not have looked right and left before crossing two lanes
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