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  1. I nearly missed out on that weekend, possibly the greatest of my life so far. I have a lot of pics leftover that I never posted on here if anyone is interested.
  2. Yeah right... i.e Big job and wanted to get the smaller ones through first before I could be a***d taking that box out
  3. Haven't got a pic Chris, but the Saxo VTR that wrote off my Impreza had a lovely Porsche "Turbo" badge on its bootlid.
  4. WOOPS! I clicked on the exploding WRX link after the video. Pretty sure that front mount pipe could hurt someone!HAHA
  5. What idiot said you could'nt paint the surround!? Is it not just plastic!? Car, as always is looking great Col. I would'nt re-sticker. After spending the time having her painted up and the surround done, its looking quite aggressive all black...
  6. OK OK OK so I'm a bit T.V shy, more one to turn the music on in the house rather than the big black box but tonight I was delighted to see Gumball's car gad made it into an advert after his show and shine this week (It's the pink one)
  7. Well Apple will do it for £130 or £140 for a complete new phone due to damage. Most other places will do it for £70, I'll try and find the number for the place I used.
  8. Registration TN07 *** was parked next to me Mrs puddle jumper tonight. Nice motor!
  9. Hi Mate, The bearings are'nt tapered so will need to be pressed in and out the hub. You'll also need circlip pliers. In the new bearing pack you'll get 2 seals, the bearing and a circlip. Removing the hub itself should'nt be too difficult.
  10. ...but I'm moving out the flat and wondered if anyone had a carpet cleaner I could borrow?! Even though its co-ownership, I still have to shampoo the carpets and as I pulled ours out to give it a test run I realised its completely gubbed at the back so just leaks... Anyways I'm in the Glasgow area and can obviously collect, with exchange of a few beers. Thanks!
  11. HAHA just glad someone found one of my photos any good
  12. Thats a nice picture Baz. Where was THAT knicked from...?
  13. It was me who tooted you in the Saab today, just incase you wondered who it was!
  14. I'd book in for a day of that. Mines a black Saab, so if anyone doesnt mind my pipe and slippers its definately a go'er.
  15. Buy Hi-Foam, a scrubbing brush and elbow grease. Elbow Grease might be difficult to find for you Rich, but I'm sure you'll get there Drop me a text ya dobber and I'll help you
  16. Pretty good figures there. What spec/supported mods do you have to reach that number?
  17. Was in one when I worked at Audi. I'll keep my mouth shut and let others guess!
  18. Good luck http://glasgow.gumtree.com/glasgow/72/65808572.html
  19. Yeah I was recieving NHS physio but to be honest, it was'nt anything i couldnt have done myself at home! I'm now paying for a sports injury therapist myself so hopefully he can sort it out!
  20. Hope you made the run up and down ok Craig and the event was good! I've had an ongoing problem with my Traps muscles on my back from when I was in the crash that wrote off the scooby. Lastnight took it to all new pain levels, where I had lost all feeling in my right arm and could'nt hear out my left ear! All from a sore back!
  21. ...or worse, having to go to the Doctors at 5AM for painkillers...
  22. Stating the obvious here, but no dumoing = no pressure buildup so I would be inclined to agree with the above. Somethings leaking for sure!
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