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  1. On the weekend of the McRae Rally Challenge, Knockhill have two hours of track sessions for Subaru and Ford drivers only. http://trackdays.knockhill.com/car-track-morning-may-16th With a big crowd expected to see some very famous rally drivers and cars (including many Group B cars), it's an ideal opportunity to get your car seen in front of a big audience. The cost of the track day includes a free weekend pass for the whole event. So far, the Ford sessions are filling up nicely, but they could do with a few more Subaru drivers. John
  2. The next SIDC track event at Knockhill is on Saturday 23rd May, and is now available to buy in the club shop: http://www.sidc.co.uk/product-category/track-days/ Usual 9am to 1pm session. Prices have gone up by £10 this year, as Knockhill have increased their summer rates for the first time in 5 years due to extra demand for circuit time and increased costs for marshals, medical cover and insurance. There is a Super Lap Scotland event on the same day, which I assume will be starting at 1pm when the track time finishes. It will give some of the track day regulars the chance to see the way SLS events are run, and hopefully might spark their interest to compete At our previous event last weekend, we had 6 different Imprezas taking part, and just as many EVOs. It was great to see after many years of just 2 or 3 at most events John
  3. Yes I will be there :-) I am hoping someone can organise a club stand for the event if there is enough interest?
  4. Glad you all enjoyed the day, and the weather gods were kind to us as well I've uploaded some of my photos to Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.857773114240925.1073741915.248878411797068&type=3 And my own website here: http://www.flatoutphotography.com/gallery3/2014/KH09 (smaller lower quality images than usual, as I have to shrink/compress them to save them taking up too much space on my website and 3 hours to upload ) John
  5. Our next event will most likely be next year now. We mostly run on Saturday mornings instead of weekday evenings,as it suits the majority of our regular participants who don't need to take a half day holiday to attend an evening event and leaves the rest of the weekend free
  6. Quick update - the track day is still going ahead as planned, and the weather is looking reasonable for this time of year However, due to "unforseen circumstances", the filming crew have had to cancel their trip north to film the event and interview people. Hopefully be back up next year for one of our track events.
  7. I'll post on facebook once we get 100% confirmation about the film crew Will also get Knockhill to do some publicity also!
  8. Hi all, as many of you know, the SIDC have a track day organised for Knockhill on Saturday 6th September from 9am to 1pm. We've just this minute been contacted by a filming crew on behalf of Subaru who want to come and film the event, talk to owners about their cars etc. and hopefully film a few on track. The audience will of course be worldwide :-) It would be great to have a good turn out of cars there, even for a static display, as well as the chance to go out as as passenger (free of charge). John
  9. Do you think we can get more Imprezas on track for our next event in September, after it's been proven they are up to the task with no breakdowns, engine failures or other issues on our track events for several years now? Note the exhaust position! Some other Tasty cars as well ;-) I think the passenger looks happy A few more here: http://www.flatoutphotography.com/gallery3/2014/KHMAY If you want to like, tag and comment on photos etc., then they are also on FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.793966567288247.1073741891.248878411797068&type=1 John
  10. We've had a few people pull out from Thursday's event, so there are 3 slots available on a first come first served basis. Email john@sidc.co.uk and I'll send you the joining instructions etc. John
  11. I didn't see anyone spin at all during the evening. Still got more photos to get through, as only had time for a quick skim this morning.
  12. A few photos from the night. A few more here which will be added to over the next few days: http://www.flatoutphotography.com/gallery3/2014/SIDC04 And also on FB if you want to comment, tag, like etc https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.777706902247547.1073741886.248878411797068&type=1
  13. We do possibly have one free slot if you want to take part. You would need to be there for 8am to sign on and attend the briefing in Kinnairds. You MUST bring your drivers licence if you want to drive on track, and your cheque book There were a few on the reserve list, but some of those have pulled out. John
  14. I'll be there taking photos of any Scoobs daring enough to venture out on track ;-)
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