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  1. Always glad to be of assistance!..........get the Supercharger bought and nae mair of yer rubbish
  2. Anyhoo, thanks all for coming along today and making another successful Kames day. Once again in 2013 or leave it til the spring?
  3. Than you too Gordy.......3 seconds faster lol
  4. Wilwood track set-up purchased and ready for fitting this week (hoses arrived too late to get it fitted for Kames!) and full Whiteline set-up will be ordered shortly.(apart from the droplinks and strut braces which are on already )
  5. Wont be at the October one (doon in York that weekend) but do hope to pop my Knockhill scooby cherry in 2014 once all the new brakes and suspension are fitted Last time I was on track there driving was 1999 in a Fiesta with a very young Gordon Shedden along side
  6. Yes, not a problem. I'll be bringinng a spare skid lid and EACC usually have some avialable too anyway
  7. Yi dinnae believe forecast pish do you Dr Doom
  8. It's actually not too late James, afternoon slot still availabe.........go on, you know you want to http://www.sidc.co.uk/?product=kames-26-05-13-member-half-day
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