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My New Ride

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finally picked up my new ride :thumbup::rotfl:

full subaru service history, still on first owner until tonite

will get better pictures in daylight

car comes with full ppp kit, and prodrive suspension as well, even has orginal radio in place as well, totally orginal

got it for a very good price ;):laughing4:

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Looking good Neil. :laughing4:

You didn't go for the Bugeye you were talking about in the end.

still got the classic as well ;)

Joining Robert in the owning two Imprezas club!!

this aint getting modded as too good

How many people have said that after buying an Impreza!!??

I said that once about mine, but 2.5 years on, I am making plans.....

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half expected a picture of nora batty when i clicked on this thread ;)

looks like a standard unmolested example and all i can say is bigger turbo,injectors,fuel pump,de cat,methanol,more fuel,more advance,more air,boost yer brains oot ha ha ha

I think you and JohnSt have been spending to much time on the WAGS thread over on scooby net :thumbup:

Nice looking car Neil :laughing4:

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