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  1. got phase 2 yellow injectors in my ver 4 car with the fitting kit carl davey doesnt trade anymore but asperformance has bought al rights to his designs and supplies them for £50 for fitting kit
  2. know a good garage in paisley if thats closer
  3. really sad to hear that higgy had been taken in an accident, one of the characters of the club can remember up at knockhill where the car would only do 1 lap without overheating and his attitude towards life was just about as relaxed as you can get
  4. i know he has a type r engine to rebuild, mains and big ends plus set of head gaskets will pm his number later
  5. dont know if hes working tomorrow
  6. craig will have my old up pipe lying in his garage as mines was changed to a harvey up pipe
  7. have seen a 2010 sti salon for as low as 16 grand due to road tax killing it and first version of model, non upgrade on power tried it for size as considered it, kabin area is built for the wee boys and posistion of dash and handbrake would drive you nuts
  8. since the newage has gone the terzo is 211 for the year for both cars that i have it is just shy of 500 notes on 1 policy
  9. had a quote to for 2 impreza turbos from a well known multicar company a terzo and my03 blob wrx for a grand toatl of 543 for both cars under 1 policy
  10. yep, not bad with a welder what about john stevenson, did he not weld in his own cage
  11. is it ask the tanker drivers and folk that panic buy as for me, will tell you when i get home next week from up north if the tanker drivers call for a strike
  12. if they announce on monday that they are going on strike next monday, everybody will be buying fuel like the next big thing and dont expect to get fuel in the wilds, if they are very low, dont expect them to be open as fuel stations dont like very low/empty tanks as moisture/condensation will accumulate in their tanks and have fuel issues
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