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  1. All sorted - IM contacted Subaru in Japan and they authorised the work and gave them a work round for the VIN code issue. All completed in 30 minutes this afternoon
  2. Time for some thread resurrection - got the letter and booked the wifes car and mine in at the4 same time. Hers was done 2 months ago I've just had the call that they can do mine.... maybe! My car is a Jap import and has a 6 digit Vin Code. Subaru need a 17 digit vin code to input to the system. There are loads of imports in the country so I'm lost as to how Subaru don't know what to do. I was told we may not be able to do the fix on your car, I pointed out it's a Global recall so they should be able to do it. Anyone else had this problem!
  3. Still here - struggling along with 2 scoobs between me and wife. Been a hard year with work and cash flow - I took a 10% pay cut and the wifes Ex got laid off so between what he usually gave us for the kids and my cut we're £1,000 a month worse off so things have been tight. Haven't had a chance to get out and do anything this year, having said that most of the usual suspects up here have had their cars off the road for various reasons, mine was in the garage 3 weeks at the start of the year as well. Hopefully next year will be better
  4. I'm having the same problem with mine. Been in the garage for 2 weeks now and won't pass the emissions test. I've had an engine light on for over 12 months but was told i'd had a mouse under the bonnet and a wire or 2 had been chewed and the fault was on an O2 sensor - they'd checked it and all was well. Turns out it was the Lambda sensor - now changed £550 just for the sensor. But they now think due to the fault the car was slightly over fuelling and thats ruined the CAT. Now waiting on the price of the new cat to onto the bill for the service, MOT, rear brakes and sensor (already sat at about £1,400). I've got a full Milltek system from the down pipe back fitted so lord knows what this is going to add to the bill. Usually it passes with some engine flush / injector cleaner and a little run to warm the cat up properly. Nice big bills like this have me looking at alternative cars it has to be said!
  5. Is it just me or does anyone else fancy fitting one of VW's computers that 'know when the car is being tested' and adjusts the engine mapping to fit. It would certainly save me a lot of hassle at MOT time Now VW have been found out how many more manufacturers will be drawn into this one. One things for sure if there's the chance to sue car makers the Yanks will not let it drop. There are already rumours that Merc and Chrysler are at it as well. We shall see
  6. bugger, luckily when the fob on my old scoob went it was in Tesco's car park which was free. I had to contact a guy on Scoobynet - Sigma Sam, gave him the serial number of the alarm control box and he got the code and talked me through setting it all up. He can even get replacement fobs for you so you have a spare!
  7. For a WRX standard unleaded is fine. I ran my blob on it for years with no issues. But - there is an alleged slight gain in power and fuel ecconomy if you use Super Unleaded. I certainly saw more MPG with 99ron than i did on 97 or 95ron. I've got a hawk STI and the wife has a Hawk WRX SL we both use Tesco Super Unleaded and haven't had any issues. I've put BP Ultimate, Shell V-Power (or whatever it's called these days) and Tesco 99 in mine with no noticeable difference in performance or fuel ecconomy. At the end of the day put in the best you can afford to run it on, 99 is better but a WRX should be fine on 97.
  8. Just a heads up for those with an 04 - 07 Impreza. Subaru have a recall out for a possiblt passenger airbag inflator issue. http://subaru.co.uk/news/subaru-recall-notice-impreza-models-2004-2007/ SUBARU RECALL NOTICE: IMPREZA MODELS (2004 – 2007) 4th June 2015 As part of its quality processes Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company to Subaru Automobile has issued an official recall campaign relating to possible front passenger air bag SPI inflator failure. The recall notice applies only to Impreza models (including WRX and STI) built between 2004 and 2007. The recall does not affect any other models in the Subaru range. The vehicles affected are equipped with front passenger air bag SPI inflators manufactured by air-bag maker Takata. The recall has received widespread media coverage as Takata supplies a number of Japanese vehicle manufacturers. It has been found that the inflators in the passenger airbag may experience an alteration over time, potentially leading to over-aggressive combustion in the event of an airbag deployment, leading to risk of injury. Subaru UK is advising owners of all Impreza models built between 2004 and 2007 to contact their local dealer at their earliest convenience to have the front passenger airbag inflator replaced free of charge. Please note, this applies to passenger side airbags only and we therefore advise you avoid seating occupants in the front passenger seat until the work has been carried out. For details of your nearest dealer, please see the Dealer Locator on www.subaru.co.uk. Better get my 2 booked in!
  9. Hi welcome to the forum. Service intervals are 12 months or 10,000 miles (or there abouts), with that mileage the timing belt should have been changed by now - check for a receipt for it. The rear suspension has an issue and can start knocking as they grease in the dampers dries out - they can be stripped and serviced (depending on internal damage) or it's a replacement job. On the newages I've not heard of any major rust issues (I've got 2 hawkeyes a JDM STI import and WRX Wagon and they're both rust free apart from under the odd stone chip) I'm sure others will be around to add to this.
  10. Welcome along. Honestly new speaker fitting isn't hard or a long job. The door card can be removed in 2 minutes and the speaker is held in with 2/4 screws. There's loads of info in the Tech forums on it. Autoleads Corsa III adapors from Halfrauds and you can get a decent set of 6 1/2" speakers fitted.
  11. Wecome along. Where are you located, check out the areas to see whats going on in your area.
  12. Bummer about the car. They do say there's no such thing as bad publicity - until it hits sales and after care! Facebook and twitter love these stories!
  13. No worries Taff, i'll add it to the main calendar as well so everyone has access to it.
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