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  1. Hello all, I have an 06 WRX and over years have restored her/returned to from previous clown idiots ........ but now looking at radio facia where some dimwit has taken a hacksaw and put in a rubbish cdc. I want to restore to original - help!
  2. Sadly can’t help but nice looking!
  3. Hi there Can anyone point me in the direction of set for callipers, disks, pads and flex hoses set if possible. I’ve got a 2006 Hawkeye WRX. Thank youuuuu
  4. Hi there Got full WRX kit a couple of years ago for front brakes (non Subaru red callipers) but can’t seem to find similar for back brakes. Any suggestions? Looking for callipers, disks, pads and pipes set if possible. I’ve got a 2006 Hawkeye WRX.
  5. Welcome to the club! There are loads of clever folk who can help with all the techy stuff!
  6. Sorry can’t help but loads of clever folks who no doubt can! Welcome anyway!
  7. Well, thought I would start this as I very rarely see another scoob on my commute to work from South Lincs to North Norfolk - are there any out there? I do occasionally see a blue 06 original hawk eye but that’s about it! Anyone else in my area? D
  8. Lol was well confused as “new member” and posts going back to 2018!
  9. Well I’m not the boss or the moderator so can’t answer that one soz!
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