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Heard the annoyingly catchy tune on the radio and telly a few times so curiousity got the better of me..... My00 uk turbo, avg miles, full service history, good condition throughout, their offer? ..... £910 ......

Just wondering if anyone has ever even considered using this thieving shower of bast@rds?

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Like you, I looked into it out of curiosity with no real intention of having them buy my car and to be honest, i was surprised by the offer given for my 2005 Sport: £6,000 I've seen them sell for less privately!

That said, there's no way I would ever sell them my car, just because they quoted me 6k, doesn't mean I'll get it now does it! :(

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We got a quote for Lisa'a car - an '04 Fiat Punto Sporting, 38k, black metallic paint, alloy wheels, good nick in and out with long MOT and TAX. Glass's says £2700 - they offered us £2100.

We thought for the sake of a quick sale and no hassle we would give them a bash. Took it through to Bellshill and from the moment we walked through the door were getting a bad feeling about them. To cut a long story short the guy went out for a wee spin in the car, came back and told us it needed new brakes (serviced a couple of weeks ago), new tyres (one is brand new) and a paint job (it's nearly as shiny as my scooby!). He then put all this into his computer and and offered us £1600.

We closed the door behind us as he finished the sentence!!

Oh it's still for sale if anybody is interested - offers over £2100 :(

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Punted my fiances 206 with them and got a decent price for it. My mate has also just had a Clio 197 valued with them at a very good price. There's an office in Hillington. Maybe not the best place for cherished cars like some of the scoobs on here though, never going to get top money. When I was in the guy had just bought a low mileage Series Mcrae for £1800.

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I've just sold the Mrs car to wewillbuyyourcar.com (she was needing a wee van) they offered a VERY decent price for it and came from Hull to pick it up from the doorstep.

The guy checked the car once over, they payed the £'s that were agreed in the online valuation and didnt leave until the £'s were securely in my account via CHAPS payment. All in all in took about 20mins of my time and I got a much better deal on the van without the trade-in. :(

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I guess I am the only one that had a good experience with webuyanycar :(

I sold my two year old Astra 1.9CDTi SRi to them back in May to buy my STi.

I had the car advertised for a month with a people interested but when it came to the crunch it had to go so I could buy the STi. I did an online quote and was given a figure that was to be taken with a pinch of salt. Went along for an evaluation (the car was spotless with only 19K on the clock) and they gave me an offer that was around £100 below what similar cars were selling for on Autotrader/eBay/Car Mart so I took it.

The sales guy did say that cars that are under 24 months have a chance of getting close to market value and everything else older would be priced down.

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