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  1. Ryan and Ian, I'll put your tickets for Japfest in the same envelope which you should get by the weekend
  2. Welcome to the club! Tidy Scoob you have there. Looking forward to seeing it at some shows this year
  3. Oh Kev, I am so sorry to hear that. Good luck with your chemo treatment though Wow, that was certainly a career shift! Is that be at Addenbrookes? I bet you can't wait til Thursday!! I drove one on Saturday and I must have I'm very jealous of those picking theirs up this week I've not met up with the Cambridge guys for a long time, I'm sure they're still around though.
  4. All good ta Kev Oooh, very nice! When do you collect her? Are you still in the "trade" or moved on?
  5. Hey Kev, I wondered if that was you who had joined the club How are you? What's that you're driving then? Kim
  6. Hi Lucas, welcome to SIDC. Looks like a tidy forester
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