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  1. I went to school in chard Welcome to the club and enjoy your new car
  2. Was hoping to take the kids up but don't have them that w/e. Still up for it if you don't mind adding a focus to the mix lol 1. ScoobieFloz 2. ScoobyJoff? 3. Stum450n Had to work through every other show this year. Determined to get to at least one
  3. Cookies and the chrome warning are two seperate issues. The post about cookies was a deviation from your OP - apologies for any confusion caused.
  4. Should really direct to google as the forums use cookies too Which it itself would require cookies in order to ascertain what page they had come from... You see the issue?!? I would suggest that you read up on cookies and the legal requirements if you wish to make changes.
  5. That's the law. Any site that uses cookies requires a cookie opt out. As you can't browse the site without cookies (as you need to log in), it throws you out. Same requirement of all UK sites that store user data.
  6. The chrome issue has been fixed (was a link to a page on the Keith michaels site as opposed to malware - was flagged as suspicious code). It takes a while for the warnings to be removed. If you go to http://forums.sidc.co.uk you'll not see the same error. It's down to the URL string being published via a php script. Like I say, all fixed now so should disappear soon.
  7. Congratulations guys, that's fantastic news!
  8. Nice! In a similar vein, I had some fun last week at work intercepting the photos taken by Google for the new 'indoor street view' and then photoshopping the results before giving them back. Adding ACME white painted interiors à la Daffy Duck, hologram phones, mongooses in offices etc. quite fun
  9. Hasn't stopped it before now has it. That's why I, and many others, rarely pos anymore. Anyway, that aside, I was thinking more about safety advice etc, if someone modified their car (within what is stated here to be legal parameters) and those mods failed or something went wrong, there was an accident and someone was injured or worse still, died... What happens then? Okay, so an extreme scenario but a possible risk nonetheless and one that in my mind, really isn't worth running. Also, the club's liability cover does not extend to advice given on the forum - that's another colossal cost that solicitors cover with their fees. Not sure about you guys but I personally don't have millions lying about the place to cover the cost of liable action...
  10. Just a thought here guys but say for example one of you posted some legal information and it was wrong. say for example that someone had taken that information and acted on it and things go awry. Who deals with the litigation and the fallout from that? There's a LOT of motoring and indeed Subaru related matters that could be covered but despite this having been mentioned in the past, it has never taken off specifically for that reason. No offence but are any of you actually qualified to impart legal advice? Just because something's posted on the Internet, doesn't make it true. That's what solicitors charge for, their knowledge and the time it takes to corroborate information. I know you're likely going to klick off because its me responding and again, it's not what you want to hear, but it's certainly worth thinking about before you jump headlong into it.
  11. There's one in Chard if I remember rightly.
  12. As sad as it is Rach, you've gotta do what you've gotta do and things will balance themselves out in the end.
  13. From prodrive? Beautiful car that. Different red mind you. I've seen a few hawks in red, red (san remo?) but this one is the dark mica red. Like ScoUK's bugeye
  14. Weirdly I've just driven past it again on my way home. Bit like busses I guess lol
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