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  1. Picture posting link Just for you Joff x
  2. No matey the one where we met to go to Skegvegas!
  3. He's a 2.0 Sri turbo = not entirely sensible - needs a bit of love but plans are underway to resolve that You have a deal there my lovely Don't knock them til you've tried them Joff!
  4. All of your kinds words are very much appreciated - 3 days on and the sale still feels a little raw but needs must and all that. Matty do you think we can hide the Astra and the BMW behind the gazebo at Trax? lol
  5. Don I've had a lot to sort out in my personal life this week so apologies. Gates open at 8.00 am with the flying display commencing at 10.30 am - personally I'd like to get there quite early so I'll be at the McDonalds on Outer Circle Road in Lincoln for 7.30 am, we can then grab a coffee, tea, McMuffin etc etc and head off from there - please bear in mind I will not be in Rubes so no tanking off and leaving me behind lol.
  6. Cheers guys I certainly have no intention of doing a disappearing act just yet so Joff I may well take you up on that offer matey
  7. Lads and lasses, It is with regret that I'm typing this post to inform you all of mine and Nick's decision to stand down as Regional Organisers for the Midlands region. I myself have come to the decision that I can no longer justify running a Scooby and so Rubes goes to a new home next Sunday, Nick I think cannot bear the thought of carrying on without me In all seriousness though it has been an absolute blast and I would just like to thank you all for the brilliant & fun times we've had along the way. Cheers, Rach xx
  8. Will be adding details probably tomorrow matey x
  9. Can meet at the Maccy D's if you want matey without a doubt
  10. Wondered where you'd disappeared to hunny, hope you get it all sorted asap.
  11. If one of you are interested in organising a group buy I'll see if the contact details are still available.
  12. 1. Little Vodka Goblin & Joe 2. Chris, Verity + 2 children 3. Don (ticket purchased, hotel booked - all set for JapFest2 on Sunday ) 4. Scoobyjoff 5. Anymore for anymore?
  13. Guys, I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to cancel this weekend - I have tried pretty much every camp-site in the Rutland area but none of them were willing to take a booking for a single night until closer to the date (ie now) and the only ones that are no longer fully booked are the ones that have no toilets or shower blocks!!!! If we'd chosen to go for two nights we wouldn't have had an issue. Apologies once again, Rach x
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