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  1. I'm 71 and thoroughly enjoying our sixth performance Subaru - a 2015 WRX STI with a few sensible suspension and exhaust mods. Otherwise my 306bhp petrol V6 Merc C350 AMG Sport coupe. Grow old disgracefully!
  2. Still think the hawkeye was one of the most attractive Imprezas. Still miss our 2006 WRX PPP...
  3. Welcome Adrian. Good colour choice, also available in white!
  4. Sorry, but don't like SUVs. But the Forester is likely to be the best!
  5. Well said Tony. The Stoplock is definitely a good visual deterrent.
  6. That looks like a good repair. These things happen- a couple of weeks ago, Mrs Mac managed to break the genuine Subaru front spoiler. Expensive replacement, but a minor incident!
  7. In view of living in a very low crime rate area, usually garaged every night, decided to discontinue Scorpion track monitoring two years ago (agreed by insurer). Now have the back up of a Stoplock Elite steering wheel bar, plus Faraday pouches for the keyless fobs...
  8. Wasn't me at Coombe guv! Painted by a local paint specialist/restorer here in east Herts.
  9. Millers 5w40 nt competition oil every time. Have used it for years - expensive but worth every penny! Similarly, Millers for the 'box and diffs...
  10. Yes, especially behind those excellent gold18" Prodrive PFF7s. Have had calipers on our current WRX STi painted Ferrari red, much more appealing than the OEM boring black!
  11. Perfection or what? Did have Godspeed big 336 front two part grooved discs/alloy bells on previous Hawk. Did look great and perform well.
  12. Hi there. Back to a proper car?!
  13. Glad to have you aboard. We are now on our sixth - proper addicts!
  14. Thanks Don, I assume comprehensive fitting instructions relate to a first time fit, rather than a replacement. Hoping that the Scoobyworld item will be fairly easy to fit and their installation kit includes all necessary bolts, clips etc. You are a mine of information!
  15. Don't know what sort of plastic, but have already ordered a replacement from Scoobyworld - can't justify the cost of a genuine Subaru item. Will investigate further tomorrow- but my ancient ramps weren't designed for 245 section tyres!
  16. Unfortunately, Mrs Mac has managed to break the genuine Subaru front lip spoiler on our 2015 WRX STI. Before attempting to remove it, can anybody tell me how it is fixed please?
  17. Quackers to think they could look after a huge Merc!
  18. Hello. Mine's a 2015 WRX STi with minor mods.
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