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  1. No issue here , may be ghosts in the machine
  2. My water temp has always been directly in the middle so looks a little low in my opinion , my fuel usage has taken a bit of a hit tho since going rotated .
  3. Probably best you look for one further south might be less rusty . sorry it didn't lead to some joy .
  4. Welcome Matt I saw you the other day up at Beachy Head. Will
  5. Well Mr Tony it depends on what you call un molested , 18" Rims, A/P brakes and a front mount intercooler. I would love to own a car like that. I really like the number plate angle to provide flow to the cooler
  6. Glad to see the young uns enjoying the Subaru brand and talking in a way that I can understand . So welcome David
  7. Can bolts like this not be warmed up, also ive had some success tightening the bolt first and going back ward and forward, Ive also welded a bar to the bolt, gets it hot and give some leverage.
  8. Acid dip for sure . When sand blasting cars ,shards of sand get broken off in the metal and start the rusting process straight away . Other types of media such as bead or coco shell are better so ive heard . About the cage , as I said ive only thought about one after seeing some really nice ones .
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