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  1. Prototype.... cyber Geoff .... ?
  2. You liked the colour aswell Tony .... ?
  3. Done them myself Don,some of the bolts put up a bit of a fight too but we got there in the end ?, and yes it was looking rather sad under there so went to work with a wire brush and cleaned as much as possible and gave it a coat of some dinitrol. I will be getting the car put up on a ramp at some point before the winter to give it a proper coating underneath too . Looks much fresher now . The shocks were off a VA version but went on with no issues . Thanks for the confirmation of part numbers .
  4. Replaced both rear shocks ,looking a lot healthier now ...... on the hunt for some upgraded springs now ....?
  5. If funds allowed Don I wouldn't hesitate ,just the wrong time at the moment . I've managed to get a pair for £350 . I can get the fronts too which are also new but I'm not sure if they will fit so just going to try the rears first . Any spring suggestions ? Eibach, H&R , Theres a few different brands .
  6. So yesterday morning started my short journey to work , went around a corner which is on a camber near the house, nice loud bang , car dropped to one side . Went back home ....only 50yds , removed wheel and discovered the o/s/r shock was totally shot, the lower spring 'cup' had totally rusted away and the pressure of the spring pushed the rest into bits . Car has only done 52k , looks like the Welsh winters and the lovely road salt had taken its toll , car was under sealed 18 months ago . With some info from Don and some part numbers I've managed to find a pair of as new rear shocks complete with only delivery mileage , they are off a MY15 on sti but I'm hoping they will fit . So when you get some free time check the underneath and those parts that you think wont fail . I will be upgrading the springs on them soon so any recommendations appreciated.
  7. Oh the good old Pro R exhaust ..... ?
  8. After April we will be linked to the famous Subaru livery ...... it will cost a cool £555 to keep them legal .....absolute disgrace ....the road conditions are shocking....the government are too busy trying to hold on to their gravy train to care about us .... they think the car is a privilege to us and not a necessity so we got no chance.....?
  9. That's what our 'Final Edition ' should have been ..... ?
  10. Hit the 50 mark today ...... I'm sure the years go quicker the older you get ?
  11. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day 2017

    Tickets/pass arrived ? . Thanks Are we in same area as last year ?
  12. sniffmydiff

    Rally Day 2017

    Tickets ordered and paid x 2 ☺
  13. sniffmydiff

    JDM Combe

    Pass has arrived thanks
  14. sniffmydiff

    JDM Combe

    Ticket purchased ☺ cheers Floz
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