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Rip Colin Thoughts Are Still With You 2 Years On

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Passed Alison on the motorway the other day, feel so sad for her, not only to lose the love of your life but your own son too, don't know how she coped.

Posted elsewhere that someone doesn't go through a day without thinking of him. If I use my Scooby I always think of him when I see his name on my car. The memories will never die, such a legend.

I parked at Tesco in Lanark a couple of weeks back and a boy, too young to drive, shouts 'is that Colin's car?' Unfortunately not kid, but it shows you that he reached many many people.


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aye, hard to believe 2 years have already passed since the accident.

the first year must have been awfully hard for the families involved, especially with the tributes and memorial events that have taken place.

this 2nd year appears to have transitioned into something new and fresh,

with the launch of the Colin McRae Vision charity, his new look website, the DiRT2 game, model cars and toys, among other stuff.

the Vision logo, with the sun appearing over the mountains, is a lovely image and really captures the spirit of new horizons and of moving forward


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Gone but never forgotten!

Without Colin McRae the Subaru brand and Community wouldnt be what it is today :thumbup:

Think about him every day and today even more

Should not be under-emphasied how important the win in NZ was back in 93, without that crucial victory in the underpowered, overweight Legacy the hierarcy in Japan would have kept the Impreza as a JDM only road car.


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A sad day... as is every day without Colin still in the world. I've never until now missed somebody that I never met or knew personally..

Found myself on a nice piece of road in the scooby yesterday, absolutely flying along a good bit faster than usual... then remembered what day it was, so that's my tribute 2 years on.


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