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Attn Glasgow/strathclyde Re. September Meet/run

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Sorry folks but I'll not be able to attend Septembers meet B) .

I need a volunteer (or 2) to take the helm again .

Same script as last time I couldn't make the meet . . . IE: route + organising , on the night , required .

Soz again folks ;)

I'm going to be at Applecross on a Triumph motorcycle if you're looking for me :D


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I would've done it, but I've got to attend the Saltex Show in London next week with work.

Richie said he would do it... B)


Don't listen to him!!! :lol:

I'm not 100% either yet so can't commit.

For those of us that were there last month....we could just go for route option 2?

Make a decision now and so there's no pressure on anyone to do any drastic organising??

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route 2 good for me 2 and a pit stop for ice cream quality :P


Yeah, I know there were some reservations last month......maybe that was the problem with giving people an

option!!!!......but we can stop for ice cream/famous chips at the main place and park up in the

supermarket car park that was mentioned or the place just outside town?

If people still aren't too keen......step up and think of somewhere!! :P:boldblue:

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