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Meet @ The Red Lion, Grantchester

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Right guys, lets set this in stone!

Who's up for the usual Tuesday meet??

I make it Tuesday 25th august (next week) @ The Red Lion, Grantchester!

Meet up at 19:30.


I know I haven't been to a few meets recently, but come on guys lets not let the meets

stop just because we have no R.O!!

I'm sure we can come up with some events between ourselves!?

Would be nice to see the old faces again, and the newbies :D

1. DaOne

2. Danuleson

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Sorry I couldn't make it guys, had to cover a late shift today.

Makes me look like a right idiot now, as I started the thread :crying:

Was looking forward to catching up with you all too!

Hope you had a good night and a better turnout....

See you at the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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