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  1. Will be unable to make this one unfortunately as the car is still not completed. Should be ready within the next few weeks though so I should see you at the April meet!
  2. Sounds good to me Mark! Really enjoyed the last run, and some great fish n' chips to finish it off! Have to wait until the car is completed though before I confirm. Will keep you posted!
  3. Not quite dead chap, just dormant and lurking in the shadows Back at the Plough eh, could be a nice setting for some summer meets sat by the river on a pleasant evening with a cold drink! Have to agree about the car park at the Red Lion though, it was getting bad the last time i was there so lord knows its present condition?! I'm hoping the P1 will be running again in the next couple of weeks, so fingers crossed for the end of month meet
  4. Hi Mark!! Long time no speak! It's been a while mate, how's things? Where abouts are you lot holding the monthly meets these days?? Would be good to catch up at this months meet, although that depends if the car's mods are completed in time. Can't remember the last time i made it to a meet, but it must be a couple of years.... Speak soon!
  5. Fingers and toes crossed, hopefully I'll make this one
  6. Hi Mark! Long time no speak...... Was wondering when this years fish 'n chip run was going to be! Some great roads last year, nice blasts and superb food waiting at the other end Can't believe I won't be able to make it though, we fly to South Africa on the Saturday night! Bummer eh Anybody else reading this.....I do highly recommend participating! I'll hopefully see you at the March meet?? If work allows.... Laters.
  7. Nice one Ian You're becoming quite the celebrity mate
  8. Sorry guys, missed this one as I had to work late Hope you had a good night, I'll see you at the next one!
  9. We generally start arriving about 19:30..... I'll see you there
  10. Must take advantage of the sunshine!! I'll be there
  11. Just voted for you mate, you're still in the lead with 25.62%!
  12. Looks good Mark! I'll be in europe though....
  13. Thanks for a great day Mark, enjoyed it very much! Keep us posted of any others coming up See you at the next meet??
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