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  1. Give Tim Farmer a ring 07880 661866 he use to be at zen performance and now set up on his own doing mobile work. he is very good and very good prices
  2. what about bowling and chinese at cineworld in cambridge like last year?
  3. other people are running the same set up as me with methanol and are over 500 bhp would like to do the gear box and then a wagon re-shell with abw arches
  4. im still around, havent done alot really, apart from saving for a 6 speed, as my standard box isnt liking more power than standard like it use to lol
  5. ill see you there! ill be on the cable tie racing stand
  6. anyone going? im hopefully going for all 3 days http://www.japcarclub.com/
  7. ill be there, and i think chrisrb5 as well
  8. any pics? I bet your header tank looks nice
  9. if you look at my picture, you can hee it at the back where the tmic use to be
  10. I think for the classic you need 4 ports. 3 the same size 1 for left rocker 1 for right rocker 1 for the breather next to the turbo then 1x bigger one to vent to atmos
  11. anyone going this sunday (1st may) it is at the Duxford iwm
  12. thats cool it was nice to meet some new faces
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