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  1. Hi all. I've got a front bumper for a 94 to 98 Impreza sitting in my shed. I've tried it on ebay and it didn't sell and i don't want to throw it away so i thought i'd offer it free to anyone from the club who will come and collect it. It's had some holes drilled in the bottom where it had a splitter fitted and it wil need a bit of filling and rubbing down. It comes with the backing bar. If your interested PM me.
  2. Hi all. My cars overdue it's 120000 service and i'm looking around for where to take it. Local dealer quotes £550. Xtreme scoobies say £490 on thier website, so i'm currently considering them and Clive atthowe. Has anyone got any other suggestions? would ideally like to keep it to within an hours drive of cambridge. Is special scoobies still goin? Cheers
  3. Kevin Thanks for doing a great job over the last three years. All the best. Hope you'll pop into some meets in the future
  4. I never used mine because my car broke the day before the event . I've still got them somewhere i'll pm you when i find them.
  5. Thanks for the offer mate but i've already found one. Cheers anyway
  6. Oops sorry guys was convinced this coming tuesday was the last of the month
  7. I should be there. Sorry couldn't make it last month had just moved house.
  8. Has anyone got a standard recirculating dumpvalve for a MY96/(97?) wrx. (It's the plastic one thats separate from the intercooler) looking for one for a friend. Cheers
  9. Thanks all. I'll give pristie a call. I think my wheel is goin to need more than just painting
  10. Does anyone know where i can get my wheels refurbished in the cambridge area? The place i initally went to had my wheel for over a month and hadn't started on it so i gave up on them. Cheers
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