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  1. Spring car show in May, Classic car show in August. Anyone like to organise these?
  2. Hi Nick Give Tino a call at Barr Tech (Cowley Rd) 01223 425300 They've been servicing, repairing Scoobies for years and a thoroughly genuinely nice bloke too err..... this should read ex- Cambridgeshire R.O.
  3. same car, different body.......................
  4. Dear All I have decided to stand down as Cambridgeshire R.O. and would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of your for your support over the last 3 years. We've enjoyed a lot of great meets and some fun drives following my sat nav I've made a lot of friends through the club and I hope you'll allow me to join you occasionally at your future meets. If you would like to become Cambs R.O. please contact Frenchy Best wishes and happy, safe, fun motoring Kevin
  5. You may have seen this ad already.......
  6. I'll save you a space in the car park next to me then
  7. Hi Everyone Just a reminder that our June meet will be at the usual venue, the Red Lion, Grantchester, from 7.30pm on Tuesday 30th June. Look forward to seeing a full car park
  8. Hi Guys Sorrry I never made it. Huge trafic problems on A303 & M25. I hope you had a great meet and catch up in June.
  9. Hi Everyone Looking forward to this one I'll be travelling back from Somerset Friday morning so can't do a convoy up this year. Meet you in the car park as soon as I can.
  10. Hi Guys Our table for 8 is booked for 8.15. I'd suggest we meet in the car park at 8. Kevin
  11. Hi Everyone We thought that we'd make our April meet on the Tuesday 28th at the chinese restaurant the Wok & Grill in nearby Trumpington - map here Please add your name to the list & any partner or friend that will come along to join us to enable me to book a table(s) 1. Kevin
  12. Hi everyone Just a reminder that our next meet will be Tuesday 31st March at the Red Lion Grantchester from 7.30 pm See you all there
  13. Nice one Mark, thanks. Anyone want to meet in Cambridge and do a "follow my sat-nav"
  14. Welcome along, It'll be great to see you.
  15. Oh you can tell me Dan, I won't tell anyone I promise
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