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  1. Hi back after several years still got my P1 which i have had for 20 years now running 470 hp and 400 ft Ib touque are there many old members still on here to say hello to
  2. I would just like to congratulate all the new committee members and thank them for taking over the running of the club, If something hadn`t happened there wouldn`t be a club left shortly, I have lost count of the number of long time members who have left the club because of the way the club was being run, ie Refusing to have an AGM, consequently non elected members being given jobs and lifetime memberships with no way of us paying members voting them out. Now we have a properly run club i will be renewing my membership again.
  3. Sorry Mark, can`t make this now, got man flu, hope you have a great day.
  4. I think Mark would make a brilliant R.O., the piston heads fish and chip run that he organised was spot on, lets hope he can do it.
  5. Happy birthday Lyn Hope you have a great day see you at the weekend
  6. Sorry, can`t make this one now, work commitments, I have to finish a bathroom off by the weekend, hope you all have a good meet
  7. I`m going as well, any thoughts on having a convoy, possibly meeting Milton Tescos at 6 o`clock.
  8. Me to, must make sure i make it this time 1) Meridian 2) Kevin 3) Cathy (instigator ) 4) Dibs (maybe +1 I'll find out) 5)Charlie 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  9. Can`t do tommorrow unfortunatly, cars all ready for Corsica on saturday.
  10. I agree Mark, great day out even if i did use a tank of petrol , well done for sorting out such a good route, here`s to the next one.
  11. Mark what time are we meeting at Tescos, the weather looks good so it should be a good trip
  12. 1. Jon (Dibs) 2. Tom (TomDibs) 3. Cambscoobyrob 4. Mark CSC 5. Charlie Roll on Sunday
  13. I`d just like to say it`s disgusting the price of petrol these days
  14. Just booked up as well, probably drive up on the sunday morning, perhaps we can arrange a convoy down at the next meet.
  15. If anyone want`s to convoy there we are meeting at Welches car park at 9.00 am
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