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  1. Can you guys please confirm that you've seen the cancellation? M
  2. Sorry guys, but this doesn't seem worth it for five people, so I'll have to cancel. If you seriously want to twist my arm, I'll need to know by Monday. M
  3. As threatened at the last meeting, I've decided to organise (?) another curry. The traditional last-Tuesday-of-the-month is a problem for me, so it will be: Date: Tuesday 1st December Time: 19:00 Venue: the Maharajah, Castle Hill (9-13 Castle Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AH) This is the usual venue for those who have been before. Parking: the public car park on Castle Hill (turn off by the Isaac Newton pub) or Shire Hall. Both are free after 17:00. To find the public car park on Google Maps, enter CB3 0RD. The car park is those trees just left of the pin. If you need further joining/finding instructions,. post them here. the event is open to anyone in the area as long as I know you're coming. Wives/husbands/SOs etc welcome. Please sign up below and include at least the numbers of everyone attending - I need to book this a few days ahead. M 1) Meridian 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  4. I'll try to make it. And do people want to think about whether they want a curry for the next meeting? I'm happy to organise it, but only if more than two people are turning up! M
  5. Not sure - I was going to be a deffo there, then I remembered I'm on lates at work. M
  6. I probably can't. BTW, do I assume that Duxford is off this year? Keven normally makes the arrangements and he's kinda resigned now. M
  7. Another on-call week, so no from me as well. M
  8. Yes, definitely. The Peterborough mob are going in convoy - I would guess the details are in the Midlands section on ScoobyNet. M
  9. Are you sure you don't mean £30? Because that's what they are worth - I wouldn't put them on a wheelbarrow. I had Kuhmos on my WRX (cheapskate previous owner) and they were all over the road once it was even slightly damp. M
  10. They were that cheap because Goodyear haven't made them for about a year now. They've been superseded by the Asymmetrics. But for the OP: Potenzas grip well, but let go pretty abruptly - you usually have little or no warning of the skid. Eagles start giving up a little earlier, but it's very progressive, and even I can control the resulting slide.
  11. You understand that a new clutch will feel completely different to a normal one, don't you? I had a new AP Racing one fitted and for about the first hundred miles it was horrendous. Anything except the gentlest of releases resulted in stalling or pogoing. After that hundred miles it was no different to any other clutch. If you are very gentle, does this still happen? M
  12. 1. Kevin 2. Charlie 3. Tom 4. Frenchy 5. Jon 6. Donna 7. Rupert 8. Meridian
  13. It's that time again.. As is traditional now, the May meet is the combined meet of Cambridge SIDC and the Peterborough chapter of ScoobyNet - plus anyone else in the area who wants to join us. Date: Friday 29th May Time: 19:00hrs Venue: The Three Horseshoes, Abbotts Ripton. Cambridge people should note the different day, and both groups should note the earlier than usual start. The pub has a large range of food for those who want to eat. M
  14. Anyone joining me for drinks at 19:00? (At The Castle Inn.) M
  15. I should point out that numbers are not limited to 10 - I just chose that number to get things going. M
  16. Back by popular demand (OK, Kevin's wife wanted to know when the next one was... ): Curry Night. This will be the official Cambridge Region meet for January, so here are the details: Date: Tuesday 27th January. Time: 19:30 Venue: The "Maharajah"" on Castle Hill in Cambridge (where the last two were). Postcode is: CB3 0AH if you want to plug it into Google Maps. Note that the restaurant is on the corner of Castle Street and St Peter's Street. Parking is in the public car park on Castle Park (turn off Castle Street at the "Isaac Newton" pub, then immediately left, and follow the road around. The car park is free after 17:00. There is also sometime parking outside Shire Hall, but no guarantees. For those who want to, there will be meet-for-drinks at The Castle Inn on Castle Street at 19:00. I need to book the table on Saturday 24th January, so please copy and paste the list below and add your name. SOs/GFs/BFs etc are welcome, but I need them listed so I know total numbers. Cheers M 1) Meridian 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  17. Miracle - I think I can make this one. M
  18. Sorry, another on-call week for me so I'll miss it. Are we doing December, and if so, when? M
  19. I'm going to sound like a broken record, but Zen Performance in Wellingborough can do it. M
  20. On call this week so can't make it. M
  21. Update - I can no longer make this. Hope to see you next month. M
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