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Possible Unlocking Of The Forums

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Under the membership section, Don said today "The Forums were "re-opened" to non-members back in early December 2013." I am unable to reply in the appropriate area as it now shows as "This topic is locked". Just need to say that unless I log in as a fully paid member, the only forums to view are Known Issues and FAQs and Parts Sales. Is it just me or is this the reason that all is so quiet of late? Personally though, I don't understand why so many obvious Subaru enthusiasts are not prepared to pay 5.5 pence per day to join up! For me just saving on parts from my local Subaru dealer more than covers the membership fee and the wealth of knowledge available is invaluable.


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To clarify this - "Registered non-members" have full access to most of the forum.

If you are not signed in then viewing is limited as would be expected.

There are currently 21,980 Members and registered non-members able to view/post on the forums

Why would viewing be "limited as would be expected"?

Surely to generate more activity from possible new members you should allow anyone to at least browse the forum. They say first impressions are the most important. So if a newbie was just looking for help and info rather than to join up, at least to start with, they'd be turned away cos you have to be registered or a fully paid up member. Ok, it's not hard to register and doesn't cost alot to join, and the discounts pay for themselves, but to alienate newbies by forcing them to register, otherwise they're access is restricted from the off is abit strange!? Or is that just me? :unsure:

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Yeah, realise to ask a question, you should register. And Scoobypedia is a great source of info.

I do remember when I first started looking for help, I was able to browse through the forum at other peoples threads that answered my questions without having to post a silly question that may have been asked a lot already and not fear the wrath of the forum in being a newbie. :-)

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