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  1. Yeah, realise to ask a question, you should register. And Scoobypedia is a great source of info. I do remember when I first started looking for help, I was able to browse through the forum at other peoples threads that answered my questions without having to post a silly question that may have been asked a lot already and not fear the wrath of the forum in being a newbie. :-)
  2. Why would viewing be "limited as would be expected"? Surely to generate more activity from possible new members you should allow anyone to at least browse the forum. They say first impressions are the most important. So if a newbie was just looking for help and info rather than to join up, at least to start with, they'd be turned away cos you have to be registered or a fully paid up member. Ok, it's not hard to register and doesn't cost alot to join, and the discounts pay for themselves, but to alienate newbies by forcing them to register, otherwise they're access is restricted from the off is abit strange!? Or is that just me?
  3. Hey guys and gals. Missed the last rr day at Zen, sounded like a great day! Just wondered if people knew that Subaru4you in Newbury have now got a rolling road. Apparently they get jollygreenmonster over for mapping sessions once a month or so. Just thinkin if anyone mite want to talk to them about a rr day? Food for thought. Jay.
  4. Just wanted to say a thanx to all for making a newbie feel welcome! Was good to put a face to some names aswell. Jay.
  5. Hi guys. Think as my cars finally running right think its time to be brave and come meet everyone and show off my car. Jay.
  6. Hi guys, was hoping to come along and meet a few members as my car is finally running right, but looks like i'll have to give it a miss this time but would def be up for it if another one is organised! Jay.
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