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  1. The WRXs already comes with a Prodrive remap which can be tweaked /overwritten using Ecutek (if the ECU is unlocked) or the map can be replaced with an opensource version. If it's being remapped you can use any panel filter you like.
  2. That would be my understanding - The Subaru Version (linked below), is designed for US ECU's/maps although they have moved into other areas/markets with some of their products. https://www.cobbtuning.com/products/accessport/subaru-accessport-v3-ap3-sub-004 The version on sale @Demon Tweeks (check the specification details) is for the Ford ST250 (C-AP3-FOR-001) which appears to be suitable for the UK version of the Fiesta. https://www.cobbtuning.com/products/accessport/ford-focus-st-fiesta-st-accessport-v3
  3. I doubt if cobb accessport works on a UK WRX Hatch . You state "wrx-s" but are we talking the Prodrive upgraded UK wrxs ?? (just checked your previous posts so you probably are) I only ask, as there is an actual narrow body version WRX-S direct from the Factory which AFAIK didn't come to the UK. Your MODEL NUMBER LABEL (model code on VIN plate) is most likely GHEAKFD or GHEBKFD. On Cobb's website for the subaru edition v3 they state that..... This Accessport is compatible with USDM vehicles only, please verify vehicle compatibility in Confirmed Applications.
  4. Maybe Dean over on type-ra.com can shed some more light on it https://www.type-ra.com/subaru-impreza-my94-wrx-sti-version/?sfw=pass1626333081
  5. The OEM software can be found on the web if you look or pay. There are also links to on-line catalogues.... eg. https://jp-carparts.com/subaru/cartypelist.php?maker=subaru&car_baseid=F25000 Meaning of Engine Code EJ - 4 cyl boxer 20 - 2Ltr 5 - MFI Turbo (if 7 - MFI High Power Turbo - as used in STI's) H - Japanese Exhaust regulations B - 5AT K - Minor change - Revision "B" (MY10) ME - Detailed specifications. Used when ordering parts. For details, refer to the parts catalog.
  6. This would be the one to have (if one ever comes up) as it has all the STI suspension parts https://www.sti.jp/en/completecar/heritage/cardetail/2009/exiga-20gt/
  7. Not a website - Subaru JDM Parts Database software
  8. Really depends on the Dealer. Common parts should be available from a number of outlets Plenty of routes for ordering parts direct from Japan. Built between 2008 and 2018. 5AT automatic box Which year and GT model is it?? https://www.theparking-cars.co.uk/used-cars/subaru-exiga.html Worcester Road Motors Ltd seem to have a large stock of them ?
  9. Welcome to the forums. If it's a Subaru then yes https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/subaru/impreza/17190/subaru-exiga https://www.topgear.com/car-news/subaru-exiga-news-exiga-not-exige-2008
  10. AS PER THE PARTS DATABASE - as it came off the production line - WRX; built Aug 1994; Light silver metallic Applied Model code: GC8B48D https://legacypic.uk/specifications/specpage.php?id=178?ref=gc8b48d READ THE ADDITIONAL NOTES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS LINKED PAGE
  11. Your renewal has lapsed so will send the email again. Make sure you are logged in before trying the "pay now" email link It will be renewed from payment date.
  12. If you've fitted a used replacement sensor - do you know it's still good?? Below is the procedure from the MY08 UK/European Legacy Outback Service Manual.
  13. Another option VF43 with a VF52compressor housing https://www.scoobynet.com/engine-management-and-ecu-remapping-453/1054732-fresh-turbo-rebuild.html#post12013516 http://centralturbos.co.uk/index-3.html
  14. The standard UK WRX Hatch comes with a TD04L version (14411AA710) The "From the Factory" classification is WRX-S (not to be confused with the WRXS Prodrive version) A straight forward upgrade would be to the IHI VF52 (14411AA800) from the WRX-SS version (which the UK did not get)
  15. Simple answer no, unless you can change the compressor housing.. The Hatch WRX has the legacy style turbos with a flanged outlet and different intercooler arangement
  16. As long as the centre section has the standard location for the joint (most have) all should be good. Does it come with the bung???
  17. The reducer I linked to at scoobyworld in my first reply is the same as you're showing in the screen grab. You've basically repeated what I intimated in my 2nd post. The 3" "cone section" goes into the centre pipe using the 3" gasket and should be a relatively tight fit. Using a 2.5" gasket bolt the backbox to it. Job done.
  18. To do it any other way you would need one of these (or similar with a beter taper profile) Cut off the existing 3" flange, weld in place and add a 2.5" flange to match so the flanges mate in the original position
  19. If you read the advert it states both ways and is the only way to do it at "flange" thickness (rather than a short section of pipe which would mess up your mounting points).- it's universal. 3-2.5 or 2.5-3. The 3" section should be fairly tight in the bore. Add some firegum in the space where it tapers as you fit it - should be good to go.
  20. http://scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=5040
  21. The Sigma M30's in the late classics were AFAIK retro fitted on arrival in the UK by Subaru UK at their import centre so no readily available diagrams. AFAIK the alarm wiring was not incorporated into the factory wiring looms until MY03.
  22. AFAIK the last number/letter combo is like a year marker and any minor part changes. MY01/02 =*2AA MY03 = *4AA MY04 = *5AA MY05 = *6AA As long as the "TY75VN" is the same it should have the same ratios and drop down gearing to suit UK/Europe diffs.
  23. Most in car solar chargers plug into the cigarette lighter (front aux power) socket. With most, if not all Subarus this is not connected to the battery unless the ignition switch is in the ACC position, so bear that in mind. Some solar chargers (RING / Halfords) now have an accessory cable for use with the OBD socket for a direct live connection.
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