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Wrc Hawkeye Replica - Nice Example

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Hi All,

As you all know I am looking for another car, when you look as much as I do for the perfect example you sometimes come across cars that you wish you hadn't, or wish you had but had a slightly bigger budget for your purchase.

Have a look at this link and have a wee look at the detailed build. Very interesting thread and such a stunning job in my mind. After you see the end product have a wee shifty though the guys build thread where is says Hawkeye WRC replica.

He is asking £13,000 for it, not sure it's worth that much - but what a looker.



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Seen this last night, i like this alot. :lol:

Ive an had my Audi 4 weeks & im thinking of selling her to buy another scoob already. :P

God i miss my scoob. :lol:

you wont be the last person to be in that position barry, i got like that when i sold my first scoob many moons ago and not been without one since, just something about them... :o

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B) been there Barry always need a scoob in the stable mate,

nothing else compares, other cars are nice & a lot are better build quality but you'll miss the scoob :thumbup:

theres some crackers for sale just now

I know what your saying Bobby as im on piston heads every night, but i'll need to shift the Audi before i get back into the fold. :)

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To make the best of a situation is to have a run about and a mad modded scooby B)

But then you pay tax, insurance and repairs on that which then adds to one's overall motoring costs... Plus, it means you get to drive the Scooby less. Therefore, you put out more cash but drive the car less. That doesn't make sense to me. The best situation is for the other half to have a decent motor that can be used on joint trips and general running around. Since the other half needs the car, tax insurance etc. is already laid out on it, so there is no extra outlay and savings are made on fuel costs :thumbup:

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