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Welcome back Clarkesan... probably about time to move onto something else, maybe with a larger capacity engine, maybe some leather recaros and probably with a blue oval on the bonnet. The stage is set... its time for a dealio on the ST200. :huh:



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Evenin Clarke

Still have to pop down to the ol' ncp to see if you're out and about to have a look over my impreza, been busy fixing and finding/causing new broken things.. usual story!

Must say the sti7 looks good mate - been a while since I've seen it!

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Hey thanks everybody for your kind comments and welcome.

rs grant. Maybe lol

kennyg. Dont really go down there much anymore but it would be good to kick it off again and make it how it used to be. Grants your man for a look over your car.

sti_steve. yeah that was my car at f+m.

wrx kenny. no that aint me. occasionall take it to edinburgh down the 90 but never in glasgow.

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