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Hello From A Nubie!

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Well, kind of a nube. Some of you may know me from Scottish Elises (had a red S1) and from running trackdays at Knockhill a few years ago.

The Elise has gone to a friend of mine in Nottingham so I could get a '94 Type RA from another friend.

It's been off the road for a few years in Austria, so I had a bit of a mammoth road trip with my loving other half as we towed a trailer behind our Volvo V70 AWD to go and fetch the Scoob. We did it all inside a weekend though, 2500 miles and not many stops, we shared the driving obviously! This was back in November and it was today that I managed to get through the MOT! Took a bit of persuading though...

Looking forward to meeting up with some of you guys again now I'm in the same type of car, and I'll be finding out how different it feels on track to the nimble Elise too :rotfl:

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Just found that I've got a head gasket failure :laughing4: Coming up 6 years with a K series engined Elise and not one problem, day I get the Impreza through the MOT I diagnose the HGF! Oh well, I'm about to get quite intimate with the engine, all being well I'll pull it out tomorrow... It'll give me a chance to change the spark plugs and timing belt as well I suppose, access looks way too tight to change the plugs - so who else removes the engine to change the plugs? ;)

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