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    Subaru Loch-down


    Damn!! Can't believe I only just found out about this event... :'( Hope y'all have a great run!
  2. That's what I keep telling myself.... still waiting....
  3. Still about.. now and again... sort of.... and no I aint selling
  4. Still here.. Mostly in spirit Still have the scoob.. Would like to build up a mcrae gathering webpage in remembrance of the great man and the large scale event that was...
  5. Possibly best bet is to try breakers yards and get one from a car without front end impact. or.. for purposes of MOT you could remove it.. Old MOT trick of if it's not there they cant fail you on it. Quite a few people have removed this part to save weight! Although not 100% structural to the car, it is part of the frontal crash protection to help pull the engine/gearbox under the car in the event of heavy front impact. So worth replacing from safety point of view. Also looking at the photo worth getting the rust on the chassis treated while your replacing. And get some wax/underseal on there to protect!
  6. Got a GFb Stealth FX myself and love the idea it's adjustable.tend to run mine about the same with 75% recirc or more. Still opens to atmos more than enough to make a noise and with enough boost a short high pitched whistle. Bought mine 2nd hand a few years ago and it's never let me down! One you get the initial spring pre-load set (not difficult) it's spot on!
  7. Had to replace mine recently.. Found the cost to get replacements too much, ended up fabricating new ones, surprisingly one even came from an old metal microwave dish. Turned out it was perfect size for the rear disc! Many people run their cars without the plates, but I kinda like to keep them, just to help protect the calipers/pads from debris. FYI - The fronts are bolted on, where as Don rightly pointed out the rears spot welded in place. reccomend giving replacements a good protection as they do collect a lot of dirt which leads to corrosion.
  8. Just a reminder, I still have the SIDC Gazebo in case it's required for anything this year
  9. Noticed same issue on my bugeye a few years back.. Just welded/plated/painted it back up. Caught it early enough but it was starting to look pretty rotten down one side.
  10. Good point! As above.. The WRX grearbox starts to fail at aroudn 320-350 bhp Sometimes less.. it can cope with aroudn 280 ok.. If your looking at trackwork then you can still have fun with the WRX even ins tandard form but if your wanting that extra punch, STi shoudl be the base and build up from there. Particularly for track day work. also STi 6 spd gearbox is better ratios for that sort of thing.but the WRX's 5spd is a little nicer for every day use (although woudl prefer a 6spd) Again for the use of track work, 0-60 is very short and no so much of a gauge, sprint track yes as their much shorter and speeds are lower. But ona full track you'll be hitting realms of 100 no problem. So although the WRX may hit 60 quicker than an STi you will loose out on accelaration above that. At aroudn 70-80mph the STi starts to pull back and anythign above 100 it's a case of seeeyaaa!!
  11. As above difficuly to answer.. My WRX out accelerates many STi's to 60 (sub 5 second. albeith not completely standard), partially due to less weight but also smaller turbo gives me better low speed response.. But STi pulls better 0-100 times due to larger turbo. Your taking between 4 and 5 seconds depending on model / weight saving. TBH driver + tyres are key elements. AWD does give an unfair advantage over other 2wd rivals Usually about a second quicker from standing start..
  12. D'oh! Only just picked up on this thread.. Been out in the wilderness Although the extended re-run of the Fling '14 last week was damn good fun!! Cheers guys! Yeah the day was a good fun all in all.! Touch of scooby detailing in the morning, no stress levels through the day just everyone ralaxed and having lots of fun! Shame we don't quite have the same numbers of SIDC members in the area or would have tried to arrange a proper drive past the Liachmoray Although naturally scoobies were used for the grooms wedding cars
  13. In some way maybe... But the issue is emphaised somewhat and difficult to miss. still.. it's only cosmetic..
  14. True.. but sanded down the affected area a few days ago to make the small blistery bit smooth for applying the vinyl. So Now got a nice white dot on the roof
  15. Hoping to do the convoy through to Inverness. Dunno if I'll get my roof patched in time though 1. Davey L WRX 2. IanamBroon 3. Brum J 4. ScoUK
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