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Forester Ts - know much about them?

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The "300" just refers to the number built for a particular model, just as there were 300   2008 "20th Anniversary" Impreza Hatches built. (and many other STI version models). https://www.sti.jp/en/completecar/heritage/carlist/

2010 "SH" version  - https://www.sti.jp/en/completecar/heritage/cardetail/2010/forester-ts/

2014 "SJ" version- https://www.sti.jp/en/completecar/heritage/cardetail/2014/forester-ts/

Torque-GT blog  just describes the 2014 "SJ" model version.


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3 hours ago, The Don said:

Brilliant, it's the SJ shape I like. are they all 2014 cars?

I think it has most of the STi parts on it already.

Can't see many for sale in Japan though... and cost looks about £14k shipped.
I've only come across this one.. which reads a bit tatty on the info sheets
SUBARU FORESTER TS | 2015 | BLUE | 89246 km | details.- Japanese used cars.Goo-net Exchange (goo-net-exchange.com)


I watched this and Sarah put a 2014 wrxSTi saloon HKS exhaust om her XT.. which she's trying to make look a tS.


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On 20/12/2023 at 21:58, salsa-king said:

Are there any already in the UK.

There's at least one SH9 tS already in the UK:



On 20/12/2023 at 21:58, salsa-king said:

hmmm.... wonder how much they'll be though

Found an SH9 tS for £11,995 - https://www.canwellcars.co.uk/used-subaru-forester-sutton-coldfield-west-midlands-5656110


On 21/12/2023 at 12:05, salsa-king said:

Brilliant, it's the SJ shape I like. are they all 2014 cars?

According to all the sources I can find online, the JDM SJG-02 tS is stated as having been released for sale in November 2014.

LegacyPic.UK lists 3 JDM SJG-02 Foresters built on 17th September 2014 with "Option Code 62C". I'm guessing that these are the Pre-production versions. 2 in White and 1 in Silver. They have "Trim Code 032". With all the ones after Pre-production having "Trim Code J30". These 3 have not yet been separated and listed as Pre-production on LegacyPic.UK, from the rest of the VIN's on the page. Including 1430 other SJ Foresters that can't possibly be tS as they are in colours that you can't get the tS in - https://legacypic.uk/car/chassislist.php?id=8322

Then after that the next JDM SJG-02 tS listed isn't until the 12th January 2015, in Blue.

With the final 3 listed as being on the 10th April 2015, 2 in White and 1 in Black.

Including what appears to be the Pre-production versions, there are a total of 302 JDM SJG-02 tS.

114 in 02C WR Blue Mica                                                                                              111 in K1X Crystal White Pearl                                                                                        53 in D4S Crystal Black Silica                                                                                        24 in G1U Ice Silver Metallic


Japanese Goo-net Specifications: https://www.goo-net.com/catalog/SUBARU/FORESTER/10094337/


Another one has popped up for sale on Goo-net in the last few days: https://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/SUBARU/FORESTER/700031031830240119004/


Some videos of the Australian Spec. Bear in mind it's down on power (241ps) VS JDM Spec (280ps) and a whopping whole 1kg heavier :lol: same torque though. Also has roof rails and no rear under spoiler.






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