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  1. Lovely colour, rare too! If it's a manual saloon, according to https://legacypic.uk/car/chassislist.php?id=1350 it's 1 of 135 UK specification Bugeye WRXs for that particular model year in 07V Metallic Green (“Savanna Green”) It's got a few mods ticked off the list already then 👍
  2. and welcome to The SIDC Phill 👋 Congratulations on your recent Bugeye WRX purchase 🏎️ A great first area to start upgrades would be the handling and braking. If it doesn't already have an uprated rear anti-roll bar, that would be a very worthwhile upgrade to do. Plus, a front under bonnet strut brace in the engine bay, looks the part too! Combined, these two upgrades will tighten the car up nicely without compromising on ride comfort and ground clearance. What colour's your Impreza? 🌈
  3. SIDC Club meets are now going ahead for 2022
  4. Formally The Northern Big One, Scoobyfest UK will be held on Sunday 19th June 2022. Held at one of the UK's most prestigious horse racing venues to use its excellent facilities, this show should not be missed by any Subaru owner or aficionado and indeed all car enthusiasts. There will be a Show and Shine competition, club stands, trade stands, displays, raffle and tombola and hot & cold refreshments available for all the family. So come along and experience a variety of Subarus from all over the UK and beyond, meet the UK Subaru community and have a fantastic day out with friends! Scoobyfest UK will be supporting the Stroke Association for 2022. If you are a SIDC Member and want to join us visit the link below to get all the info you need for tickets and club specific event info. Click Here for Club Event Info
  5. Subaru never officially produced a Hawkeye Sports Wagon STI, so as you mentioned, it's indeed a JDM Hawkeye Sports Wagon WRX with STI badges and decals (Revision G, 5-Speed Manual - https://legacypic.uk/car/specs.php?) The closest thing ever officially produced to a Hawkeye Sports Wagon STI in terms of both performance and cosmetics would be either a Prodrive GB270 Sports Wagon https://www.subaru-impreza.de/SonderserienENG.htm#GB270 or a Bugeye Sports Wagon STI https://www.subaru-impreza.de/SonderserienENG.htm#STIwagon Revision A - https://legacypic.uk/car/specs.php?id=220 Revision B - https://legacypic.uk/car/specs.php?id=219 If I remember correctly, I saw that exact Hawkeye Sports Wagon WRX you posted in the link, for sale in 2020 on Quay Vehicle Solutions official website for around £8,995. I believe QVS originally imported it, a lot of their vehicles were originally registered on CF plates (Cardiff).
  6. As well as the exciting release of the Solterra later in 2022 (https://www.media.subaru-global.com/en/news/3169), Subaru & STI will now be debuting their "STI E-RA Concept" at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 from January Friday 14th to Sunday 16th. You can watch the World Premiere Live or catch up later @ https://www.youtube.com/user/SUBARUOnTube Subaru Official Website – Tokyo Auto Salon 2022: https://www.subaru.jp/tas/?_ga=2.251510670.969139610.1641057655-1342051751.1641057655 Tokyo Auto Saloon 2022 Official Website: https://tokyoautosalon.jp/2022/present/ Source: https://www.subaru.co.jp/news/2021_12_23_180313 How would you guys feel about driving an Electric Subaru? I would miss all the various sounds involved all the way from the turbo to exhaust notes! I'd like the option of carbon neutral/negative renewable fuels alongside electric. Which Subaru are looking into - https://www.media.subaru-global.com/en/news/3171
  7. Happy New Year! 🥂 Hope everyone had a great Christmas Best wishes for 2022, stay safe
  8. SUBARU UK LAUNCH NEW QUICK CHECK PROGRAMME Comprehensive 38-point safety and condition inspection programme Offered to all UK customers free of charge by their local Subaru dealer Includes free wiper blade replacement, washer fluid top-up and air freshener "December 2021 – Subaru UK has launched a new Quick Check programme which will enable all Subaru customers to have a comprehensive safety check carried out by their local Subaru dealer at no cost, while also benefiting from a set of free wiper blades, free washer fluid top-up if required and a free air freshener." "The Subaru Quick Check is a full 38-point check to ensure the customer’s vehicle is safe and ready for the upcoming winter weather. The Quick Check covers every aspect of the safety and performance of the vehicle and provides the customer with a full condition report for enhanced peace of mind." "Along with an exterior bodywork inspection, the operation of safety-critical items such as lights, windscreen, horn, and seat belts are checked and thoroughly evaluated to ensure they are in optimum condition." "Under the bonnet, the air cleaner element is inspected, as are clutch and brake fluid levels, windscreen washer fluid is checked and topped up, and all quantities and conditions are measured and recorded. Hoses and pipework are checked for fit and function, with the battery also receiving a health check along with ensuring it is securely fitted with good connections." "Tyre safety is imperative, so as part of the Quick Check, tyre tread depths are checked and recorded along with overall tyre condition. Wheel nuts are also tightened to the manufacturers recommended setting, with tyre pressures also checked and replenished as required." "Kevin Hilliard, Brand Director, Subaru UK said" “The Quick Check program has been designed to provide customers with the opportunity to have a free safety and condition assessment, ensuring their vehicle is ready for winter and the cold weather that will soon be upon us. Subaru offer the very best protection for you and your family, with a host of advanced safety features fitted to our cars as standard. Our vehicles are known for their outstanding capabilities – both on and off-road, whatever the conditions. You can rely on your Subaru to be by your side year after year, mile after mile and this programme will only enhance this” "Customers who wish to find out more about the Quick Check Program should contact their local Subaru dealer" https://subaru.co.uk/find-dealer/ Source: https://subarumedia.co.uk/en-gb/releases/446
  9. Welcome to the Club Scooby Dachsy Doo 🐶 Hopefully there will be plenty of meets next year, provided the current & possible future situations of the pandemic are handled as best as possible by the whole country. Nice pics👍 The red touches give an already rare car, an even more unique & distinctive style👌 I look forward to seeing more pics when you have done the other red bits.
  10. Welcome Wardy ? It's great that you're restoring such a rare and classic Subaru
  11. Good to hear the Leggy's up and running again ? Hope you get the smell of fuel sorted out and don't have to downsize the fleet! ?
  12. They look great together! ? The Prodrive wheels really suit the Leggy. How's it doing now?
  13. The SF5’s simply stunning! ? That’s a very practical 2 car combo you’ve got there, nice. The anthracite alloys really compliment the white on both of them What transmission did you go for in the SG5?
  14. Great to hear you're loving the car Hope you get the rough idle sorted out ?
  15. Welcome to the SIDC! Got any pictures of the interior? I love the beautiful blue seats in the WRX 300.
  16. Welcome! Those are some nice photos of a nice car!
  17. and welcome! I've seen your wagon in the SIDC members gallery and it looks well tidy
  18. Welcome to the SIDC. That's a stellar Scooby you got there! ? I've been a passenger in Tony's Type-25 on track and it's insane! Here are some articles regarding the Type-25 Mk1 that make for a great read ? Autocar - Britain's Best Drivers Car 2004 - Source: https://www.litchfieldmotors.com/press/autocar-britains-best-drivers-car-2004/ Autocar 2005 - Best Impreza On Planet Earth - Type-25 - Source: https://www.litchfieldmotors.com/press/autocar-best-impreza-on-planet-earth/
  19. Welcome ? The build looks to be coming along nicely ?
  20. Hope you all had a good Christmas ? Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone for 2021! ?
  21. Welcome to the SIDC. Loving the OEM+ look of the PFF7’s on a P1 ?
  22. Welcome to the SIDC Chris. That’s one tidy Classic ?
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