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Some Help Please


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Having sold my SIT8 in 2007, I am buying a JDM Evo VIII MR FQ320 and need some help with a couple of things if possible?

Is Greersport still in operation and is there a number for Bill/Colin?

Does anyone know where these cars get mapped?

Is it ecutek software?

Anywhere in Glasgow doing geometry?

Thanks for any help you can give me. Id ask the evo guys but id prefer to pick up with people i know in terms of work, parts, servicing.

Oh and nice to meet you, the guy at Burnhouse fishery recently, rallye6;s mate.

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Is this the same Havana hat wearing crouquet champion of south Wales that used to reside in a castle constructed entirely of yak hair and guarded by heavily armed disgruntled hedgehogs.

As for goemetry I suggest any good secondry school should still be offering geometry as part of the curriculem nut if the incident still prevents being within 400 yards of any secondry education establishment then Kenny Brown or Pro-grip will do the job.

That is all

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The Dentist lives just outside Dundee and does mapping for check point in Arbroath.......I am getting him to map my car very shortly as his reputation is really good!!


Jase have you seen the Toy of the Dentists at Checkpoint in Arbroath its got some amount of power

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Hello Chris

Yes Greersports is still very much alive and the place is stuffed with EVOs in there.A couple of 500+ EVOs in there the now.

Colin has been using Russ alot lately to map cars(scoobies,evos,skylines,S3) and has good power from them all.

Catch up mate

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Hi Imy, Living in Kelvinside, Yeah your probably right actually. When i read your post then read mine it does seem a cheeky request ! Would you have it any other way?

Scott, Nice to hear from you, hope your well? RB320?

Grant, you are clearly tooting on the Tobagan GPS still. When people say LOL, i actually nearly brought the house down laughing there. When i took my 10 year old cousin camping recently we completed the following tasks before last light

Pitch tent

Collect fire wood

Make dinner

Set rabbit snares

Anything else Chris? yes, now we set up an outer permiter to ensure any intruders alert us. Hes never going to be the same again. He now sleeps in his mum and dads room scared of the invisible enemy.

Peter, Im going to come this week for dinner !! what days best where i wont sit like a helmet as you work?

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Ahh, the G-Unit returns, welcome back Chris

Cant realy add much to what has been said before re Greers and Progrip / Hypertech etc etc

Good to see you back on the forum, dont be a stranger and keep posting (forum needs lightening up anyway!!!! :thumbup: )

I for one couldnt give a hoot that you are driving an Evo or an Uno, just remember to get yer erse down to the Glasgow runs, Knockhill etc etc as im sure you already know you will always be made welcome (even in an evo...lol) also looking forward to the return of Winston...rofl

All the best and hope everything goes to plan re mods etc etc. (evo fq320 not bad for someone that only passed their test 3 yrs ago! :lol: )


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HA ha hartimer har, some fond memories brought up there.

Thanks for the kind words gmac. I would maybe come along for a run although sitting in the brewersdroop being sociable would need to be cut short so we could drive like we stole it.

I dont know if i would be as manic as before. I like to take it a bit easier these days. :thumbup:

Maybe that would all change when i got in the cockpit of the new deathstar.

Ricey, ive a plate on the beemer just now that says P22 OVN , Provan (lol) so dont know if id just throw that away and keep the plate the way it comes on the Evo. Its rather gay.

Hows your car running? still flying around EK and the bypass?

Paul, If you want me to wear my special racing suit then i will for you. That suit made a difference !! I was on fire that day lol

I very much look forward to meeting with you people again and being taught how to drive jap again

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