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Airbag Light On Dash

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I'm after some advice please

Has anyone had their airbag dashboard light come on from time to time, mine is and its very anoying and a bit worrying. I assume its a sensor or a loose connection but I cant be sure. Just wondering if anyone else has suffered the same fault, and if so what was the outcome and more importantly the cost.....

Cheers guys

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Hi mate

Thanks for that, I will give them a bell later, hope it won't be pricey



Hold up mate he uses the forums now so he may be able to tell you what it could be over the forum, then obviously advise you of what would need doing :)

Cheers Iain

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with the airbag system you have to insert a wire in to a plug and count the flash codes it can't be read on the select monitor.

you can do it yourself but if you get the wire in the wrong hole...........!!!

also one code can relate to several things i.e code 45 could be drivers side airbag, drivers wiring loom or ecu which is why we have to use the test harnesses to eliminate various parts so we isolate it to just one part.

it can take a while i'll admit and i'm sure they could make it a lot easier to diagnose, what model year is it?

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