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Mcrae Gathering Finale

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please can we have all Chester posts in here

not long in, one of our helpers had a slight mishap which meant i had to go with him to A&E - he's ok

many many thanks to the scottish scoobies crew that mucked in and helped us out today, it was good to have reliable folks supporting us

will post properly tomorow, totally shattered but couldnt resist logging on to see if there are any pics.

edit found some photos on Series McRae Owners Club






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WOW 53K. That is a fantastic total. Unfortunately i missed the event today as im offshore but feel very proud to have been part of the event having done the McRae Gathering from Lanark to Banbury last year. I feel totally gutted that i missed it today. I would have loved to have been there in person to see L555BAT on the winners podium and im sure that a certain Colin McRae would have been looking down feeling very proud of everything and everyone that has shown once again why he was and always will be the PEOPLES CHAMPION.

My thanks to Imy, Grant and all the organisers that have made it all possible. The McRae Gathering was one of the best days i can remember and i'll never forget it. I'll never forget the support that was shown by the folks at the side of the roads in Lanark (and how emotional i got driving past them) that seemed to come from nowhere and also to the folks on the flyovers as we drove thru Scotland and England to Banbury, the fuel stop at Charnock Richards was undescribable. I could go and on with the memories of the weekend but i'll have to leave space for other posts.


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Well done to Grant and Imy for all the hard work they have put in to make both these events such a huge success. Hopefully now you can both put your feet up and relax. :whistle:B)

A few of my pictures from today.





Lots of rare cars there yesterday, here is the one and only white P1.








The auction in full swing, well done to everyone that bid and snapped up some rare items. I bought the signed limited print number 5 of 555 the other night on ebay so stood at the back with my hands in my pockets to avoid doing anything silly. :banana2:


Once the crowds had left i got the chance of a couple of photos :D:banana2:




The videos.



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great weekend. a nice convoy down on saturday, a lovely trip at the zoo then a pleasant few drams at the hotel on saturday night.

sunday was amazing an undescribable feeling of emotion.

big weldone grant, imy & your work force for a spectacular day.

thanks to all the scottish lot for the banter and the convoy home. thanks to the rob the photographer for the pics he got of me.

shall get some pics up soon once i've sorted though them, heres one for now.

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fantastic venue and fantastic weather helped us finish the event with a bang.

had a great convoy down and it was nice being in between jonboy and paul for the first bit :)

(btw jon, how shiny is your exhaust?)

slowed down when we caught up with Grant in the Vision van and unit and went straight to the racecourse.

plans for a nice relaxing steak and glass of wine went out the window when the Chester chap says that the area we are in are secure and Grant decides to assemble the ramp on sat night instead of sun morning.

the chippy and drink in the sun was nice.

sunday started a bit frantically with unexpected problems taking up the hour i had to set up.

the Series McRae volunteer marshals were brilliant and handled the parking very professionally.

sincere thanks to Strike (Derek) and Big J (John) for building the ramp in such a short period of time - folk thought it was the genuined thing when they saw it.

It was the centre piece of the day and we cant thank you enough :driving:

many thanks to Cathy, Bobs + Mags for helping with the retail unit and sales, cant believe how much stock you sold :lol:

think we managed to get most of scottish scoobies guys involved in the day in one way or the other.

it was great to have the big screen and the piper there,

I teared up a bit when the footage of Colin dancing the impreza through the forest and celebrating his win at the same place where we were standing came up.

the auction went ok, though slightly dissappointed that Colins driving boots only went for £200 odd.

really touched with Jim's speech (did anyone film it), we forget how difficult it must be for him to be back there.

having L555 and N1 fired up at the same time was amazing and it felt right to bring the curtain down listening to the pair of them running.

after spending the last 20 months doing this I can't believe its over, not quite sure what to do with myself now ;)

i was at the gate marshalling traffic and had to lol at this conversation:

young passenger lad - oh are we parking on grass? how cool...

me - yes you are and keep the speed down, no revving and no wheel spins

young driver lad - ha! i'm not that daft, do you think i want to get thrown out?


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As everyone has already said a HUGE well done to Imy and Grant and everyone else

who helped out on the day. Imy, can't believe you had a trip to A/E after I'd left, sod's law

or what?

All n all a fab weekend was had with great banter and we all now know who the REAL SWALLYERS

are on SIDC.....isn't that right Cathy :driving:

Here's a few of my pics......





competition for number plate of the day here, Litchfield Type 25 and the iconic 22B





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What a fabulous weekend myself & Mags had an absolute ball enjoyed a few ;) and the company was great my sides are still sore from laughing

Cathy your a natural salesperson £15 for a plastic bag and you get a free Colin Mcrae book flung in :lol:

A big thanks to the team you deserve a massive pat on the back for all the time & effort you have put in :driving: be interesting too see what the final figure is I think there was a fair few ££££££sss raised on the day

Very nostalgic seeing Jimmy driving Colins car off the podium and what a great noise when both cars were fired up music to my ears very emotional

I hope everyone got home safely & look forward to catching up with you all at the Kirkie canal festival

I'll leave the pic's for the professionals lol

Was a wee bit sleepy getting up at 5:30 this morning for the early shift


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Jim was a true gent and signed a lot of things, hats, tops, books and even the dashboard of the Series McRae that travelled across from Ireland!

there was a guy that asked him to sign this piece of front splitter that came off Carlos Sainz's car in '95

Jim gave a hearty chuckle then wrote "hard luck Carlos! Jim McRae" on it :driving:

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A BIG well done guys, you lot have done fantastic! £53+ K is a awesome amount, congrats!!

Enjoyed the convoy down and glad the sunshine was out all day sunday! Only thing im gutted about is that i forgot to take my camera ;)

My Dad had a great day and is seriously considering a new 08 STi in Black B)

Imy i do like to give my tail pipe a good polish :):(

Well done guys again Im sure you are all feeling very proud!!

:driving: to you all :lol:

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Teapot stance is now mandatory

My eternal thanks goes to Strike for his herculean efforts in constructing the podium/ramp in record time. The finished article was truly breathtaking in its fit and finish and worthy of the praise it received throughout the day

Another huge thanks goes to Cathy for stepping in at the retail unit, allowing me a much needed fag break and to Big J (the wounded warrior), BobbyC and Nanaki (Even though i asked not to help and enjoy the day as he burst a gut last years event he still stayed to the end to help pick up the litter)

A huge bucketful of plaudits goes to the Series McRae club members for thier sterling marshalling throughout the day

Now for me it is time to get away for a while after working on this tribute to my idol for the last 20 months i need a break. Working this week but next Monday i am off and the plan involves a Fat Banana, a tent and a road near the village of Inverness

My sincere thanks goes to each and everyone of that supported my crazy idea

Thanks for the memories

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