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At Long Last!

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As title, after over a year of house moves, financial constraints etc, the scoob is back on the road!!

Picked it up last night and seems to be running well, but it will need a good run to loosen everything up again. Also, as its been standing out in the elements for nearly 3 months, it looks like Shecht, but blue dragon magic will sort that :D .

Now the proud wearer of : discs/pads all round, 2 new front hubsetc, cat down pipe, and odds an sods.

There are a couple of other minor things to be done shortly, but otherwise its fine.

Hope to see some of you west lothian scoobs out an about soon!!

BIG Thanks to: Scottish Subarus( for parts mailed swiftly) but mainly to Gus The Bus for his help, inspiration and perspiration.

See yas soon


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Fantastic news!

Bet it feels good to be back behind the wheel.

Are you going to the big meet on Sunday? I’m hoping to get, but it depends where the wee fella is playing footy and what time.

Glad your back


Thanks Derek, yes its brilliant, and no to the big meet, as there is a lot to be done to bring it back up to standard and i wouldnt embarrass myself.



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