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  1. Thanks I will be a good car when it’s finished and at the price I got it it warrants spending a bit on it to get it back on the road. the old owner did say that if he had not have sold it as it was he was going to scrap it. he has all ready said he would give his right arm to get it back now as he is following the progress on my fb Page. he said it’s changed for the better in the month I have had it
  2. Well an update for every one I got hold of a blue 95h classic uk turbo 2000 my2000 W reg 1 month ago well how it started I found my old car in Scotland after talking to the family about getting the car back we could not agree on price as the asking price was a bit high i then set about looking for a newer Subaru I put a deposit down on a blob eye white sti that looked very nice. but I still kept looking back at classics the drawer was too great as this point I was committed to getting the white sti I text the seller that I was on the way topick the car up and he informed me that he sold the car and was sending my deposit back.??? Well at this point most people would be upset. but for me it was a fate I then started looking for a classic. i found one on eBay of all places and took a real chance it was listed as engine gone I was talking to the seller and after having a phone call with him I decided to buy it blind for a very very good price the reason for not seeing the car was because he was in Brighton and I was in Liverpool. i then perched the car and got it recovered to my house 5 days later at a very good cost. i got hold of an engine from a company with 56k on the clock with proof. after fitting a new organic clutch kit and fully servicing it I took the old engine out cleaned up the engine bay and put it in. did all the checks run the car up it’s running well I have only driven it on and off the drive at the moment as I have been working on the car doing bits ect. so far I have taken off the sonar rear light and put uk lights in replaced the side skirts and hockey sticks with colour coded ones. Cleaned the car from top to bottom taking things off and cleaning behind them and painting when needed. painted the trims on the rear windows taken all the ugly off it. it has come with so much history it’s unreal and only had 6 owner including me. picks will follow I have a fully documented project thread on my face book page as I can’t upload pictures here as they are to big. the car will be on the road when it’s ready I am in no rush the car is very clean no rust behind the side skirts and cills. a very small bit starting on the rear arches so I am booking the car on to have it cut out and replaced with new 1.2 mm panels the same gauge as the car then it will not come back
  3. Mate stay with it I feel your pain but I love what you are doing as it gives me the right hump that every man and his dog are braking perfectly good Subaru’s to sell on eBay. i no that they keep people like us on the road but if you love a car like us there is definitely or should be a line that if fixable or not I love it that you are going the extra mile to keep a good car on the road
  4. Thanks for the info 11 owners wow when I hade it the 1st owner was stormy of the sidc then me ha ha she has been around a bit. i think if I track it down I would probably still get a 2007/8 but buy it for a long term project to put it back to how it was when i had the car. even if the car sat under a cover in the garage for years just to have it back under my ownership would be nice
  5. Hi all I have not been on the sidc since I sold my Subaru back in 2010 it’s was a blue micra my 1999 t418lbl I loved this car but had a life changing event that meant it had to go under duress if I have a regret in life it’s was selling her i have checked on the dvla to see if she is still on the road and she is. i am coming back to the fold but before I go out and by a 2007to 2008 Sti I would like to try and find out if my old car is still about on the sidc and try and buy it back. Hope you are all well I did try and put up a picture but it’s too big so it will not let me
  6. Thanks for the replys i cant wait till i get back in one Has things slowed down on here now seems a bit quiet.
  7. Hello to all members of the sidc. As some of you know i left subaru's a year ago. I must say i have had some mixt feeling about selling my car. even now i new i had made a big f### up. its like losing your right arm . Well the time has come for me to start thinking about getting back in one. I will be looking jan 2012. I was looking to get my old car back as it was for sale soon after i sold it. The funny thing is i sold it cheep to a mate and said if you are going to sell it i will have it back. But as you know the so called mate sold it to some one else so it went to scotland. i will find a pic of my old one i loved the car so much . my next one will be a p1 or one the same. I hope all of you at the sidc are well and hope all the people i met over the years are still here
  8. i would love two as i have been on a stand every year at this event but sadly this year my car will not e ready. And there is no way of getting it back together in time as i have a broken leg.
  9. Hello m8 it can be a few things cv joints ect i would get it looked at before you commit to it
  10. I would ask them to get you a new car as they have your money m8
  11. Hello Edmondo long time no see m8 zornyan you will love it m8 i still think to this day this shape scooby is the best. Don't get me wrong i like all the scoobys but the classic will always be the best in my book
  12. I have had two of them now still got my 2nd one. I love them to bits and even after all the years of having them. I still get in it and feel like i did the 1st time i got one. As long as you look after the car she will look after you .Mine has also done lots of track days and also one year of the pro street drag she is still going. And i did not have to fix a thing. oh no i have only gone and done it now something will snap Mine has done 67k and she is running 280bhp with 279 ft just fitted a fmic avcr fpr up pipe just waiting on a turbo. Then she will be at about 350hp. You cant go wrong with a t2000 m8 with a little tweak here and there they are just as fast as the wrx and sti. here is mine
  13. Good spot did not see 1.3 bar if its not mapped for it this will not help
  14. Sounds like a wheel bearing is running a bit dry mite need replacing
  15. Temp coolant sensor maby m8 if this go's it make the car S**T to drive. And they are only £12.00 to replace
  16. Sounds like they have done the service as the handbrake has been adjusted. Maby you have just got used to the car time for mods
  17. Check that the air filter is new looking and get under the car and see if the oil filter is new. Dip the oil and if its black its not been changed. but if its clear or a tint of brown its been changed
  18. L/H side had gone and the build up is not normal. I would flush the oil ways at this point m8 as if you get that stuff in to the oil pick up. It will block and knock out your bottom end get it all out.
  19. Have your say: tax codes Dealing with HM Revenue and Custom is proving very taxing of late. HMRC has issued a warning about mistakes in the tax codes currently being issued to taxpayers. Coding notices tell taxpayers how large their personal tax allowance will be in the coming tax year, and how much tax their employers should deduct. Earlier this week the Chartered Institute of Taxation warned that many faulty or duplicate notices were being sent out. It said taxpayers could be asked to pay up to £108 a month too much. Now HMRC has acknowledged that there is a problem. And then there's the phones... HMRC failed to answer about 44 million phone calls last year, according to Whitehall's spending watchdog.
  20. Inland Revenue staff 'told to ignore mistakes' in tax records to hit government targets By Daily Mail Reporter : A whistleblower has claimed staff at HM Customs and Excise are told to ignore mistakes in tax records, unless they are directly asked about them, in order to hit targets The Inland Revenue's telephone service is a 'massive mess' with mistakes ignored and letters binned, according to a whistleblower. Staff are told to ignore errors in people's records to save time and ensure call targets are met, the woman has told ITV's Tonight programme. Queries sent in by post often disappear or are thrown in the bin, without being looked at by revenue staff, it is also claimed. She said: 'Staff have actually been told that when someone rings in with a tax inquiry and you spot a mistake on a person's record, you have to ignore it unless they have actually asked you to look at that mistake. 'It's all about the Government target of answering so many calls in a day.' The whistleblower added: 'And if you write in, the post often goes missing. It just disappears, just gets binned... some letters simply aren't seen by anyone.' Hundreds of phone calls are lost when people give up or are cut off, and staff have little time to read up on new tax rules, she said. The worker added: 'Last week we had a situation where half-a-million payment reminder letters were sent out late, meaning people were being threatened with surcharges and penalties they might not even owe. 'It's a massive mess. A lot of revenue staff are really thinking "how [much] worse can it get"? 'I think it's going to get worse. It's very scary.' The Inland Revenue work force has been cut by 17,000 since 2005 in an 'efficiency' drive, and ITV said complaints to the independent Adjudicator's Office have doubled in that period, mainly due to problems in the working tax credit system. The programme includes an account from Robert Wailes, 63, from West Yorkshire, who was sent a series of letters claiming he owed increasing amounts of tax, culminating in a visit from a debt collection agency and demands for £15,000. It later emerged that Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) owed him £800. He was offered £25 compensation. Chris Trebble, 65, from Taunton, Somerset, decided to use £29,000 redundancy pay to set up his own business - but was incorrectly told that he owed £8,000 in tax, and he claims tax office staff implied they could charge him double that as a penalty. Mr Trebble said: 'It was a disastrous thing to happen. I was considerably stressed as a result of it. 'I went to my accountant to get advice from him and he indicated that it was a very unusual situation and he could see no reason why the tax men were taking the approach they were taking. 'I did get back on the phone to the tax man and said, "Look you're asking for this... I don't actually have that kind of money available", and the advice they gave me was to re-mortgage the house.' Eventually HMRC apologised and offered him £120 compensation. A spokeswoman for HMRC said: 'HMRC provides a very good service to its millions of customers. We receive over thirty million customer contacts every year, many on extremely complex topics. 'We constantly monitor our performance across the board and where it falls below standard we move resources to improve.' She said that the Inland Revenue receives 100 million letters per year and that any member of staff caught throwing away mail would face disciplinary proceedings. A new contact centre has recently been opened in Cumbria to increase capacity, the spokeswoman added.
  21. mine is Vista Ultimate 64 and it works. What is happening when you try m8
  22. I had this on my old scooby when you unlocked it its the relay on the alarm its sticking i had to cut the wires to the alarm box for the flashers. Then i got a new relay and wired it in as the old one is part of the box. And don't rig it up to the other side as when you turn them on thay all flash
  23. Open the boot there is a catch on the lock move the catch to the other position then it will work m8 you must have knocked it
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